Muh #cyberviolence!

There were some things that I wanted to write about, but I just couldn’t be bothered because I’m a lazy bastard. But this one tops it all on my DEFCON chart of stupidity and lunacy.

You may or may not know that Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn were talking at UN (United Nations) about cyberviolence on women and girls.

Technically speaking, I wouldn’t complain about it. I am against online bullying as well. But not for situations where two hypocrites are doing the speech for it. One is a cherry picking con artists who passively attacks gamers for profit and another one a domestic abuser and helldump user (Something Awful forum section specialized in harassment and doxxing). That’s like inviting pyromaniacs on the discussion panel about arsons prevention. It makes zero sense.

Oh and that part where they only discuss it about women and girls. Like online harassment simply doesn’t exists for men and boys. Lets just ignore those victims, they are unimportant and inconvenient for their narrative. Women and girls are all it matters. Well F U. I’d be ashamed of participating in such panel which only focuses on one gender and entirely ignores the other? Where is your “feminism is for equality of all” bullshit if you leave out half of the population?

Full recording of this UN discussion is not yet available, but some who watched the live stream posted some interesting quotes from the above two…


Dear Anita Sarkeesian, no one would call you “You’re a liar” and “You suck” if your material wasn’t sucky and filled with lies.

You make highly controversial videos about “sexism in games”, disable comments and expect gamers to just be silent and deal with it. Sorry, that’s not how REAL WORLD operates. If someone knows you’re wrong and they can prove that with evidence and examples, they will do so. Some in more civilized way, others in less by simply calling you a cunt. If comment section and ratings do not allow that like any other video on Youtube, they will record their own and address the points for YOUR video in THEIR video. If that hurts your booboo, then that’s your own fucking problem. Why have you made a false and flawed statements in the first place if you can’t take the criticism afterwards?

That’s not attacking and those aren’t “hate” videos. Refuting someone with facts and examples is not a hate video. I’ve watched her shit and in 99% of her examples, they were what people call “twisting facts”. Pretty much all her examples are nothing like what happens in games and they aren’t even virtually as problematic as she portrays them. She portrays them entirely out of context and she uses that to attack gamers with it. Only one harassing people here is you Anita. I’m a gamer and your shit being preached on government(s) level institutions is passively hurting me.

Why do I use term “passively”? It’s because Anita doesn’t attack me directly. Instead she attacks the medium and our identity (gamer) and she portrays us to clueless masses as the worst scums of all living on this planet. Because all I do is shoot some fictional pixels on screen and some asshole just can’t comprehend that pixels have no feelings, they don’t get hurt. They are bloody fictional, they do not exist. And if she thinks being able to beat a female character in game will make me misogynistic psychopath, only thing that would actually happen is that games would make me more hateful to other men. Because male victims outnumber female victims in games by factor of few 10.000… So there’s that and something that has been countlessly addressed in pretty much all “hateful” videos directed at her.

And lets don’t forget that fun fact that Anita earned over $400.000 with her harassment and attacking of gamers last year. She’s not only attacking us, she’s making a huge profit from it. Who’s the bad guy and abuser now? Gamers who just want to be left alone or this psychopathic feminazi con artist attacking them (us)?


Oh yes, Zoe Quinn. I really like the part where she says “There are individuals on services like Youtube that have made a living of abusing people like Anita and  who monetize this, who see the mobs, who aren’t anonymous. Who raise funds this way, to continue attacking, stalking and harassing us”.

Like for example Anita Sarkeesian who makes $400.000 a year by posting videos on services like Youtube filed with lies and bias, attacking gamers and monetizing that so she can further attack gamers by pushing her crazy narrative of sexism and abuse and earn even more. We don’t call her con artist for nothing…

Her account is fatter for 400K by making shitty videos on Youtube and I as a gamer make 40 times less with actual hard work. Who’s the fucking victim here? Oh, right, you are, because reasons (which mostly involve vagina which I do not posses). Zoe also has Patreon account that has almost $4000 monthly income. For producing what exactly? Being a  perpetual harassment victim. Fuck me, where do I sign up for such harassment?

Zoe wants to enforce the “feels” censorship. Anyone who disagrees with you or hurts your “feels” online, you should be allowed to absolutely and entirely censor them, blast them off the internet with a swing of a finger tip. If George Orwell was still alive today, he’d be laughing his ass off on how right he was back then…

Welcome to the coocoo land

And to make things even more crazy, they want to equate cyber violence with real violence. Because apparently, somehow, having your feels hurt on Twitter is exactly the same as being sexually assaulted or physically abused in real life. No, I’m not even kidding. They want to pass that getting a mean tweet is as horrible and traumatic as being abused in real life.

What the serious fuck? Do these fuckers even comprehend how degrading and dismissive this is to victims of real world abuse?

Sure it’s annoying if bunch of assholes keep on sending you stupid messages online, disrupting your online life day after day. But you can always just click that Block button or close your web browser and you escape this abuse. With a single click. Or you can change your online identity in a matter of few clicks and be done with it. If you used your real identity in the first place, then maybe you should get a crash course of keeping your real life shit private. People just take internet for granted. If you don’t scream your real name, home address and phone number in real life to masses of people, why would you do that online freely and expect no one to abuse that info? Just saying.

Where in real life, if someone is abusing you, that person will most likely hurt you for real, that person will know you on a certain personal level which makes escape from abuse a lot more difficult and sometimes even impossible and victims are often left on their own to try and escape this abuse or even simply cope with it because they can’t physically escape the given abusive situation. There is no “Block” button, you can’t just escape abuse by moving to some other location like you can by changing your identity online. It involves physical and financial limitations.

Whoever tries to compare “violence” online and real world violence and say it’s the same thing with a straight face is just batshit insane. One is annoyance and another one is life changing situation that can leave serious consequences.


4 thoughts on “Muh #cyberviolence!

  1. I was watching Sargon of Akkad’s livesteam where they watched Anita’s new video. One guy suggested that the reason she didn’t attack anyone specifically was to avoid retaliation. The example he used was if Anita attack Minecraft and Notch went off on her, that would be bad. But if she makes things so vague, then she’s safer from criticism.

    And why doesn’t she talk about male victims? Because she’s one the people peddling the idea that men are invincible and don’t have their own issues. I was actually interested when she said she was going to do a series on portrayal of men, but we can guess what that will be (if it is actually being made).

    Personally, I’m fed up with entertainment being taken so goddamn seriously. Only a fucktard who has no moral guidance whatsoever would be influenced by video games or music or TV. We should hold people to a higher standard when it comes to separating fact from fiction. Honestly, I’ve played fucking GTA V and it hasn’t affected me, and I’m only 15. One could argue that I have anger issues, but I think it’s to do with just being an emotional person. And quite a few people in my family tend to have tempers (my dad, for instance) I find it difficult to believe that video games have had any effect on me at all.

    This week, I’m planning on doing a video on feminism and criticisms surrounding it. I’ll probably include Anita in the video too. It’ll give me something to do over the school holidays.


    1. Yup, that’s exactly the reason. If she keeps it so vague to include all gamers she’s safe. The moment she picks on specific person, it’s game over for her.

      And lets don’t forget it, the more you think you are not affected, the more you are to be affected. So, if you think GTA5 doesn’t affect you, you’re most certainly being affected the most. Anita said it herself, so it must be true XD

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  2. I wish we could have a real conversation about stuff like this with people who actually understand the issues. There’s some fascinating and complex issues going on on the internet, bullying and social engineering versus free speech, propaganda and brainwashing by governments through social media. Then there are things like murder by proxy, where you gang up on some guy and emotionally terrorize him until he either changes his opinion or kills himself. How about “virtuous pedophiles,” a concept that makes me quite ill, but are we going to police people for thought crimes and virtual reality fantasies?

    Sigh. Anyway I just get so tired of all this crap. There are huge issues going on in the internet world and this is what we chose to focus on.


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