Why Anti’s still hate #GamerGate?!

I’m not really sure whether this should be a question or explanation, but I found a perfect analogy for it…

The Origin

I’ve joined GamerGate around late October, very early November when I finally managed to catch up with what the hell is really going on. Back in August I was like what the fuck are they talking about, but 2 months later, I got the message.

And from the start, GamerGate was being attacked for all the hatred of women, misogyny and all that bollocks. When I joined, basically all the nonsense surrounding Zoe Quinn has dropped off the radar and people were really focused at dealing with ethical issues and dealing with crazy SJW’s. And things haven’t really changed much since. And neither has the narrative that gamers and even more supporters of GamerGate are all misogynist cis white neckbeard shitlords who hate women and want to drive them all out of tech. SJW’s built this narrative and stuck with it till this very day.

Anti’s hate us for our “original crimes”, the ones potentially committed during very start of GamerGate. Even though 99% of us involved in GamerGate now have nothing to do with any harassment or hatred of women or whatever when GamerGate emerged back then.

Literally worse than Nazis!

Do we still hate all the Germans just because some of them were Nazis who started the World War II like 80 years ago? No. Of course we don’t. Current day Germany has nothing to do with what happened in the past. You can’t blame entire nation for what happened under their “name” in the past. Especially if they clearly oppose and condemn what happened in the past and strive to change things for the better now.

And it’s the same with GamerGate. Except we’re still hated for what happened in the beginning even though people I’ve known for months have nothing to do with systematic harassment or hatred of women. You can’t blame entire movement for something that happened in the beginning and has nothing to do with what movement (GamerGate) is doing now and has been doing for months actually.

Majority of gaming websites changed, updated or created ethics policies, some even closed the doors because they weren’t up to the task. We had SPJAirplay, Deepfreeze.it database is online, hell, even FTC (Federal Trade Commission) enforced certain ethics changes based on GamerGate demands and recommendations. We’ve donated thousands and thousands of dollars to various charities to help women enter the tech as well as help fight bullying and various other misc charities like helping disabled female gamer fund a stair lift.

And yet all you’ll see (a year later!) at the end of the day is how some SJW asshole is screaming muh soggy knee (misogyny XD ) and pointing finger at GamerGate.

Please, remove your heads out of your own ass and realize that GamerGate has NOTHING to do with things that might have happened in the beginning regarding harassment and all that stuff.

We stopped blaming Germany for the Nazis, how about you stop blaming us for harassment already? Like seriously!?

3 thoughts on “Why Anti’s still hate #GamerGate?!

  1. I’ve been reading your posts for awhile, and I have a question: Since Gamergate is a hashtage, which can be used by anyone for any purpose, then is it really possible for there to be a factual meaning behind #gamergate? How doesn’t it come down to interpretation?


    1. There are central “hubs” where GamerGate people gather. Either KiA on Reddit, GamerGateHQ on 8chan and many others. I personally basically just stick with Twitter, following people most involved in GamerGate like Oliver Campbell, Sargon of Akkad, GameDiviner, CultOfVivian, Michael Koretzky (he organized SPJAirPlay) etc along with people who keep us updated. Or you simply use #GamerGate hashtag and filter out trolling and stick weith ethics and SJW’s, because frankly, to date, I haven’t seen a single reasonable argument from them. I don’t even know why Anti’s even exist. They just whine and bitch without any real purpose over harassment that might have happened a year ago and has nothing to do with GamerGate for as long as I’m in it (around 10 months).

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      1. Thanks, I appreciate it. I want to really understand what gamergate is truly about before I say anything about it. I hate when people pretend to know about stuff that they clearly don’t. Thanks for getting back to me quickly.


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