Samus Aran is NOT transgender. Deal with it.

So, not long ago “the most notable” transgender feminist and worlds “most acclaimed” game developer Brianna Wu posted “articles” on Samus Aran from Metroid series being a transgender person.

You can read her drivel here (make sure you use AdBlock or just read link):

Now, I’ve never played Metroid series. I’m not a fan of Metroid, I’m not afraid to admit that (in fact I fell obligated to mention it), but I absolutely hate idiots like Brianna Wu who have to turn absolutely freaking everything into stupid identity politics nonsense and what’s even worse, with very little actual research. Something GamerGate has been in full rage mode since its beginnings due to gaming journalists who do piss poor research on articles they post on pages with millions of readers. And calling Samus Aran “transgender” is insulting. Now, I have nothing against transgender people, I’ve met some through GamerGate and they are the nicest and funniest people I’ve met online. But just as transgender people dislike being called the wrong gender, the same applies to cisgnedered people (those who identify with their actual biological gender). And yeah, I’ve been called as “miss” by a customer who has only seen me from behind and it was awkward moment with a few second pause before I was able to turn around and respond to the “inquiry”… I guess I’m very feminine… somehow… XD Anyway, moving on… *gulp* hm… 😀

Researching if Samus Aran is in fact a transgender person…

Even though I’m not a player of Metroid or even a fan, but I like to research things properly. Unlike some *cough* Brianna Wu *cough*… And I’ve learned that she’s not exactly strictly a human, she’s a half human due to Chozo’s DNA infused into her body. Yeah, I’ve actually learned about all that during research and writing of this article. But that’s not what Brianna was after with the “transgender” part… Brianna was full on after gender identification as we know it here in the real world and not in the possible fictional worlds of the games.

This is the Q&A session done with actual author of Metroid games, Mr. Sakamoto Yoshio which is still online, but I’ve also linked the archive on the screenshot in case if it ever goes down.


Now, just like Brianna Wu, I don’t understand Japanese. I’ve used Google Translate which translates the question and Sakamoto’s answer text into:

Metroid Prime but I had wanted to do from before, what do not or ported to PS2 me there? If you very helpful and if it was so, but ….

Samus in fact was a transsexual!” It is not impossible that much ! By all means Tsu Please enjoy the game cube!

Which is what probably lead Brianna into believing what she wrote in that article…

Doing research properly…

Because I want to be thorough, I’ve stripped the text of specific identifiers that might link the text to the page and asked online if actual Japanese citizen could translate it for me into English. And Twitter user @mombot from Tokyo helped me with that…


Notice the wast difference in translation between Google Translate and actual Japanese -> English translation?

And yeah, the creator of Metroid games actually said Metroid coming to PlayStation 2 is as unlikely as Samus Aran being a tranny (transgender person). Who else is a better source of that info than creator of the Metroid series himself? Just saying…

Sorry Brianna. Samus Aran is NOT transgender. Deal with it.


Brianna Wu’s meltdown…

Brianna Wu wouldn’t be her if she (mind you, I respectfully use a correct pronouns to address her!) didn’t wave around with her victim card…


Sorry, but you’re so salty it’s burning my tongue through the powers of the internet. You misgendered a game character adored by so many gamers and now you’re complaining over a backlash when they called you on your bullshit article? Yeah, they adore Samus Aran even though she is a woman who is hidden beneath a power armor suit 99% of the time. But I guess your feminist side wasn’t satisfied with that, you had to convert her into a transgender person just because YOU are one. That’s just sad on so many levels. Also, that circular logic is circular. I just love it when religious people and feminists use it.

Guess what, I can do that as well…


Yeah, checkmate you cisphobe bigot! If I have to respect your (trans)gender, you also have to respect my gender, gender of other gamers who disagree with you and gender of game characters assigned to them by the actual freaking authors. Stop pushing your transgender feminazi bullshit around and forming some sort of defense “mechanism” to criticism by using circular logic statements. It’s pathetic and looks sad as hell.

Brianna Wu’s meltdown (Part Deux):


Yeah Brianna, you wrote a followup. Which just shows how bloody ignorant you are. Not only you posted a false information and claimed it to be truth, you’re now defending it to death even though gamers have disproved your bullshit with actual evidence.

You can again read her meltdown on Mary Sue (you know the drill, don’t go there without AdBlock!):

My thoughts?

Only bigot here is you Brianna Wu. Everyone supposedly has to just “listen and believe” (now where have we heard this, Oh yes, from self proclaimed game expert Anita Sarkeesian herself) to your drivel just because you wave around with the “I’m a transgender woman minority” victim card? No. Just no. First you project all over the place, then you’re salty as fuck and while you’re doing all that, you’re dropping spaghetti all over the place. Please stop it, because the laughing is killing me.

Why can’t you social justice warrior fruitcakes just leave game characters alone? Who gives a damn if Samus Aran is a woman, a man, a half bird alien or a transgender woman? If the game is well designed and fun, who fucking cares!? But that’s my perspective since I’ve never played Metroid and I’m not a fan of the series (but maybe I’m becoming one!). But there are people who are huge fans of the Metroid series and they love the backstory of Samus Aran. They love the whole universe around Metroid just like I love the Aliens, System Shock and Deus Ex universes. And since I’m fan of those, I love to be thorough, I love to know the details about every single thing in that game’s universe. And if someone claimed Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution was gay or even transgender, I’d certainly like to see evidence that supports that claim if someone posted it on a website with huge base of readers and called it a “fact”. That wouldn’t change my perspective on Adam Jensen (he’s badass and he never asked for any of this ;D ) as a game character, I’m not gender politics loon, but for the sake of game universe authenticity, I’d certainly like to know if designers/developers actually had such backstory designed and scripted for him.

So, next time any of you identity politics crazies go and claim something as a fact, do a freaking research on it. This is why GamerGate exists, because you’re all lazy fuckers who don’t do proper research and fact checking for articles you write on high profile webpages like god damn fucking The Mary Sue.

[drops m̶i̶c̶r̶o̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶ keyboard, walks out]

8 thoughts on “Samus Aran is NOT transgender. Deal with it.

      1. It probably tries to impose the syntax heuristics of Romance languages on languages for which those don’t make sense. I remember that back in the early 00s, Babelfish made Japanese come across as really cynical, snarky and mean.


      2. You’re right on that. Japanese was a mandatory subject for my first two years of high school, and I struggled to keep up.

        Anyway, Brianna Wu isn’t even worthy of a facepalm at this point. My head just hits the desk whenever I see her or someone else (cough Sarkeesian cough) try to pull this nonsense.


  1. Nobody cares. People can interpret characters how they choose, and it makes you look like an even bigger fool for bitching about it, snowflake. Get with the times, loser.


    1. Funny you call me snowflake while going ape shit crazy on a 5 years old post… LMAO. Also making everyone gay and transgender doesn’t make you go “with the times”. It just makes you lame by catering to the lowest possible denominator to satisfy whiners on Twitter and has nothing to do with what people on their own consider characters to be.


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