This is how media is twisting reality and facts…

I’m really wondering how desperate you have to be to lie so blatantly about GamerGate? This is EXACTLY what GamerGate is against. Corrupt clickbait “journalists” with zero regard for ethics. And they say GamerGate is just a movement to drive women out of gaming and has nothing to do with ethics. Are you kidding me? So, here is the latest most obvious example of what people actually said and how media spun that to fuel their retarded fake narrative…

Media narrative…




Seeing such lame thing happen makes me wonder if these journos think their readers are retarded idiots? Apparently they think all of you are stupid if they try to feed people with such pathetic lies…

Look what we’ve uncovered…


Surprise, surprise, Jen Yamato is buddy with Devin “Sadam Husein” Faraci (the guy on the left). The angry neckbearded Anti-GamerGater… They are so hilariously predictable it’s not even funny anymore XD

Just keep on doing this and soon no one will want to employ you as a “journalist” except the hugbox clique… because GamerGate will uncover the truth and show it to the world.

1 thought on “This is how media is twisting reality and facts…

  1. Now I know the mainstream media isn’t stupid, they’re just deliberately twisting facts in order to get themselves in the best spotlight. Did you ever see the ABC News interview with Anita Sarkeesian? That was the most one-sided video I’ve ever seen. I’ll send you a link if you haven’t seen it.

    People tell me not to feed this woman’s hype train, but someone’s gotta call her out for her idiotic statements.


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