Windows 10 is a pile of horse shit


Ok, this fucking does it. Windows 10 is the motherfucking worst Windows OS I’ve ever used. No, Vista was a fucking gem compared to this pile of absolute concentrated excrement.

Lets write down why…

I happen to own a slightly older Compaq laptop. Nothing fancy, it’s powered by an AMD E-450 APU and I’ve bought extra 4GB of RAM to make 8GB in total and replaced the crappy HDD with 128GB Crucial M4 SSD. It’s still kinda weak, but for web, music and movies, perfectly capable device. Has served me well with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Popup came along to update to Windows 10 and so I did it. And that’s where thing went downhill. 90° slope…

There is this wonderful thing with AMD E-450 APU where latest Catalyst 15.7 drivers, the very same that also get delivered to Windows 10 through Windows Update, these drivers don’t fucking work at all. Youtube at 480p lags and stutters like I’m trying to run 4K on a fucking Commodore C-128. It’s absolutely unusable.

Gone through Display Driver Uninstaller, manually disabled automatic driver updating and installed old Catalyst 14.12 Omega, the ones that worked fine and where I could playback 1080p Youtube smoothly. All was well and then I stopped using laptop for a while because I didn’t need it.

Like an hour ago, I’ve fired it up and checked for updates since it passed quite a lot of days. And guess what Windows Update automatically without asking me a single thing. Yup, you guessed it. It installed motherfucking Catalyst 15.7 WHQL drivers on its own that don’t fucking work with HD6320 GPU found on AMD E-450 APU.

If this was the scenario with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, I could simply uncheck the driver in the Windows Update panel where you decide what driver updates to install and what to ignore. Problem would be solved in 5 seconds and I’d have no need to write this rant. But nope in Windows 10. No such thing. Microsoft just forcibly stuffs ALL MOTHERFUCKING DRIVERS down your throat whether they work or they don’t (and most of the time they don’t work, say hello to all the broken wireless drivers from the past). And this is exactly what I’ve been warning about when “new” Windows Update was revealed. Bad shit will happen when Microsoft decides to forcibly install all drivers. And it’s already happening.

I’d blame AMD for not providing functional drivers, but it’s not AMD that is forcing broken drivers onto my system, it’s fucking Microsoft.

How can a multi-billion company like Microsoft fuck it up so badly is beyond any level of comprehension. It’s so terrifyingly bad it’s almost surreal. Fucking hell. And I’ve actually gone and bought a GTX 980 so I’ll have a DirectX 12 capable GPU to properly utilize graphics on a new OS. Which turned out to be this piece of crap (the OS, GTX 980 is fine). And I’ll eventually be forced to use Windows 10 because DirectX 12 will not be available on Windows 8.1 (which works like a charm). I always install all system updates in Windows 8.1 but skip most driver updates per my selection. It’s brilliant, keeps system up to date and under my full control because I know how to handle computers you fucks at Redmond. And then there is Windows 10 with its pathetic forced auto updating of motherfucking everything.

Microsoft, fuck you and fuck your Windows 10. This is by FAR the worst Windows I’ve ever used. It’s so fucking bad it makes Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows Millennium look like fucking perfection. At least it was under MY control and it fucking worked. Windows 10 is apparently entirely under Microsoft’s control and it’s fucking non functional pile of shit.

Microsoft, STOP breaking shit and forcing it on us. You CAN’T possibly know what drivers we want so stop doing this shit. Fuck. Just fucking stop it! Aaaaaargh!!!!

199 thoughts on “Windows 10 is a pile of horse shit

    1. Not a computer guy but of course forced to use it in todays world , could never understand why these generous in this industry go out of their way to fix something that works fine with something like this pathetic piece of SHIT windows 10 ? no wonder people hate business in todays world of incompetent A HOLES !

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    2. I’m a 76 year old writer, and I’m not new to computers. I’ll be succinct ! Bill Gates needs a “Dirt Nap!” Why don’t one of you younger guys off the motherfucker?
      Multi-billion dollar revenues from defrauding people with “got-to-have-it” “Brand New” software and technology as fast as he can bullshit the public. Anyone for a Class Action Law Suit? or a sub machine gun party? I’m also a Marine–Viet Nam
      Era. Windows 10 Slogan should be: “There’s a sucker born every minute; and we’re counting on it ! God I’m glad to find I’m not the only one whose life has been screwed up because of this preposterous software.

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  1. Totally agree with everything said here and to be honest I need to vent!

    If I was in the Microsoft building right now it would be a fucking massacre!

    I honestly don’t know how a company of any magnitude can produce such crap and actually market it on a commercial level, It has become blithely obvious that microsoft simply does not give a fuck about consumers, about quality control, about industry standards, about user privacy about the fucking frustration I go through every time I use a windows 10 operating system.

    I don’t think they could fuck up any worse if they tried, In Fact I would be inclined to say that windows 10 was designed like this, designed to be broken, designed to piss people off the max.

    I mean honestly this is beyond a fucking joke, I can not begin to explain.. I can’t even listen to music without the CPU hanging, I can’t even visit a webpage without the system locking up, What the fuck is up with the dialog?? This OS reflects the mentality and the state of indoctrination of 21st century society. There is no logic, There is not clear process, Just navigating the file directory is a challenge and no I’ve been using this system for 12 months so it’s not a learning curve it’s fucked by design.

    Why is their constant crap being installed on my computer without my consent, why the fuck is there a picture of donald trump in my start menu!! Why am I being forced to update and why the fuck do I have commercials in a product i paid for!!

    Just because Microsoft is a multi billion dollar corporation doesn’t mean they can shit on toast and expect us to eat it!! I mean really that is what is has come down too, They are so rich they don’t care what they are selling, Windows 10 reflects this!

    Windows 7 was the last stable and secure legacy OS, ran flawlessly, I’d go back but none of the computer manufacturers write drivers for newer systems.

    Once again a big shout out to Microsoft, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!! Sincerely.

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  2. Agree with all mentioned above – Windows 10 is RUBISH !
    Its only good for warmongers and pedos from Pentagon/NSA/CIA and other bastards…
    I did the same mistake – jumped on ad – free update…
    OMG what a MISTAKE…
    My HTPC is running like Pentium MMX with Windows ME on it…
    but the BEST PART is I still have old WIN 7 folders stored regular HDD ( ex-master ) while running Win10 from new SSD ( new master ) – so Im thinking that Im going to delete them and save 30+ GB disc space – BUT NO WAY UNDER f0cking Win 10 – even as Im the one and only user/admin – CANT DELETE THAT F0CKING old WIndows folder for some RIGHT and PERMITION REASONS !!!
    WTF ??? WHO is the OWNER of my PC ???
    Me or that fagot Bill Gates ?!?
    Going back to Win 7 – last Windows at least worked a little… and Linux Mint as dual boot…

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  3. I totally agree. I borrowed my friends windows gaming laptop (new iMac is on it’s way being delivered) to play dota 2 over the weekend. Last windows I used was windows 7 (6 years ago). I have played for about 6 hours and spent 6 additional hours in OS updates/restarts/hangups/crashes.

    I am never, ever coming back to windows again.


  4. I had no problems with the first release of Windows 10 home. Serves me just fine. I want it to stay that way, but Microsoft insists that I need to upgrade to the next release to receive security updates. I tried it and it took 14 hours of waiting and caused me another 8 hours to fix it. Then I noticed my shares weren’t working, type in explorer was extremely small and no way to fix some of it because they took control away to change it. Then I backed it off, and a box came up to ask me why I was dis-satisfied. I answered their check boxes. and I was restored back. Now I am being plagued with a download screen saying it needs to upgrade to give me the latest release again, and no way to stop but to crash down my system. I now have changed my wifi connection to metered. Waiting to see if that helps.


  5. Well, So far no interruptions, the only problem I have encountered is that Defender won’t get any more updates either (BIG WOOOP!).


  6. oops. Spoke too soon, but at least I got the option to say “Remind me Later” and I wasn’t bothered anymore last night.


  7. Microsoft has a way of turning update back on I noticed, but still give the “remind me Later” option. No biggie.


  8. The truth is that the Microsoft with the first Window versions up to the XP, wanted to make people depended on it. And now it’s done.The Microsoft Company don’t care if the customers are happy or not. Not at all!
    They just want make money. Nothing else.


  9. If you don’t want trouble with Windows 10. Do never update it and don’t install any other Anti-Virus software other providers. Unfortunately are all those programme precisely manipulated to make money. You will see, it will run perfectly. Just be patient, block and avoid any update. Surf everytime in private modus and when you left your browser don’t forget to clear the browser history. clean your temporary folder and the Task folder as well. You will see everything is going to be best. My computer runs Windows 10 as well and in so doing I never had any Problems 🙂


    1. Since Win 7 I have always cancelled all updates and whatever other bullshit they come up with. I have never ever had any problems not even on my laptop Win10. I also found that the level of virus attacks went down to virtually zero. Co-incidence? You tell me.


    2. OK that works for you. But the rest of us see that as too much work, so much trouble can be avoided by avoiding Windows! Linux mint 19


  10. I’m a Linux user. I just look in blogs like this when I am feeling a bit down; soon cheers me up.

    On a more serious note, you guys have my utmost sympathy; you have been sold the fucking MOTHER of all lemons in the form of Windows 10. Oh and good luck on clearing your web bowser history; Microshite has ALREADY logged every single page you have looked at, every single command that you have typed, and EVERY fucking keystroke that you make. Make sure the mofo never has power too when you log off. I mean NO FUCKING JUICE in it at ALL. Otherwise, Microshite can REMOTELY turn on your web camera and your microphone. Worried yet? You should be.


  11. Windows 10 periodically continues to frustrate, perplex and enrage me. In January this year, I contacted Microsoft ‘Support’ about Win10 update’s worrying ability to render my computer unusable on occasion, also informing them of its rather neat trick of allowing Trojan viruses to piggyback on it. I didn’t get a reply and had to sort out the problem myself via much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The computer settled down for a while until recently, when another horrendous update wiped out audio drivers and mysteriously changed my keyboard settings which I was unable to reverse despite several trips to the secret land called Region and Language, buried deep in the satanic demon-spawning bowels of Windows 10. At the time of typing, my computer is going through a complete reinstall of Windows 10 (again), as Microsoft thoughtfully decided not to allow us the luxury of System Restore or Last Known Good Config. What a thoroughly shit OS this thing is. It is nothing better than those shady torrent services you used to get on the web . In fact, it’s worse. At least you had a choice to download or not from Bit Torrent and the like.


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  12. Windows 10 is a pile of horse shit



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  13. Completely agree. These updates have made impossible to have a dj career with this machine. They not only interrupt practice times. They also make me reassemble my entire dj software from scratch at random times so i never know if it will be right before a gig (which has happened), so i cant accept work knowing i have a machine that can and probably will screw up at any time. Whats worse is i call microsoft to fix the problem and they tell me it’s the manufacturer of the machine that has not made the machine able to accept the update so it’s their fault and the machine sucks🤔… i have an HP Beats laptop that cost about 500 bucks and you say it’s their fault 🤗, no problem. I’ll be geting a Mac ASAP. Costs waaay more money, but I’m tired of your bs Microsoft.

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  14. you guys are all wrong. windows 10 is not horse shit, not dog shit either. it’s well paid FREAKING INDIAN SHIIIIIIIIIT!!!!


    1. This pile of shit OS is at it again. My computer is once again running like a glacier after another shitty trojanesque update from Microshit. Superfetch and Windows Update continue to somehow mysteriously Enable themselves after they have been Disabled in Services. As far as I’m concerned, Windows 10 is spyware.


      1. Microshit does it again!!!
        I tried to stay calm and keep faith with Windows Update. And to be honest, it worked well for a while. Until the dreaded Microshit spring update reared its ugly head, that is. My computer is once again running at the speed of a glacier, and I cannot access Settings because the search bar keeps disappearing. How do you guys do it? How do you manage to be so consisently bad at this? Or is it by design? Perhaps you want to nudge us towards Windows 11?
        I’m sick of this.


  15. I’m with you man. Holding on to Windows 7 for grim death on all my machines. Hoping to hold out until I die. (Removed all the Windows 7 telemetry spyware updates and then switched off updates. happy days) I will never ever use that steaming pile of excrement spyware malware NSA horse shit Windows 10.

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  16. The only people who like Windows 10 haven’t got a fucking clue what they doing or what their computer is doing. Freaking idiots.


  17. Windows 10 Is worse than being raped, Americans take any old shit up the arse.Its only a matter of time before The UK develop there own internet and fair standards and this American arse rape will be finished Listen Old bean do not let Some prick from the USA steal your sunshine They are the most selfish race on the planet
    One Thing The America is good at is playing with its self
    One Big Wanker of a Country with a wanker In Charge why would you even listen to these toss pots. The Selfish American only thinks about eye liner and hamburgers and adverts o yes and Alien abduction
    When your dealing with wankers don`t act like you own a strap on Because one thing is for sure they seem to love it up the arse In America

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  18. I just feel bad for the people who don’t have much knowledge of computers so have no choice but to use this dog shit operating system (that’s actually a compliment to dog shit).

    Apple ruined the interface of OS X (I refuse to call it macOS until the major version number changes) with the horrible flat overpowering coloured gradients, but at least the OS still has stability, speed, and more and more games and other applications are gaining support for it.

    Windows 7 was the god of all operating systems – 99% stable, very efficient, and looks good, so Microsoft could have got away with just giving it a facelift and calling it a new OS (not an unintuitive, flat, boring facelift like Windows 8).
    Windows 10 is just a dog shit operating system that seems to require a direct connection to an NSA server to boot, and is filled with so much bloatware that anywhere you click you are asked to pay money, and the sub-humans who have the mindset of cattle blindly stumble into the slaughterhouse where they are drained of life.

    All of Microsofts products have been utter trash since 2013ish (whenever Windows 8 was released)

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  19. God you guys must be retarded if you have any bugs with Win10. It’s by far the most stable windows ever and far more performant and intuitive than Win7.


      1. Umm they have improved? When? what did I miss. Busy switching all our business machines to Apple as we speak.


    1. Please advice where you got your copy. I have been looking for a stable version and highly performing and intuitive version of windows 10 for a long time. But I have reason to believe that you could be using your computer in reverse, do a virus check and hopefully it will come right.


  20. Hey “Mary of London”: 1) fuck you 2) Yeah, the US is so horrible – we shoulda let you ‘handle’ WW2 by yourself..oh that’s right, you and all your kike international bankers CAUSED IT! 3) we in the U.S. don’t like windoze10 either, and if I had it my way the m$ building would be on fire right now.


  21. Windows is a pile of horseshit, period. Microsoft is crap, period.
    Just move to alternative OS.
    E.g. RISC OS or Linux


    1. Alot of us seniors are not computer savvy so sadly get stuck with this shit, in the version of 10 i have you can no longer turn off updates as far as i know, there was hacks on the web how to do it but everytime a hack came out microsoft developed a new way to kill it, i have gone into settings and disabled BITS so i hope that stops updates but i have them turned off until the end of Dec. so won’t know until then, every time i update it fucks up my laptop, sometimes 4 hours to do an update and then i have to go into settings and remove the updates because the laptop just won’t work, next time it updates i go through the same shit again, put my settings to what i want, but next day i boot up and microsoft has put them back to what they want, never had a computer this unstable.I don’t want all their shit i only use a computer to check e-mail and surf the web nothing else, it is older but has 8GB RAM and i5 processor so should be fine
      I contacted HP and because windows 7 was being no longer supported they sent me out the recovery disks to go back to 7 for free, i tried using them and get a message ” this disk is corrupted” but it came right from HP, called them and of course because 7 is not supported they can’t help me but they can connect me to an IT company that can…….$150 to tell me how to fix the issue… thanks


      1. Yesterday I tried to connect my old phone to the PC. This is Philips x5500. Windows XP – Vista – 7 detected the device as soon as it was connected to the USB port and immediately suggested how to open the device, for example, as a disk or data reader, and others. But subsequent versions and editions of Windows are a continuous stream of toxic compost. I almost threw away my USBFDD`s because of these damn operating systems, and all this time the problem was in next-generation operating systems starting with Windows 8. Okay, in Windows 8, the problem can still be solved somehow through account rights and RegEdit, as well as a compatibility device, but in Windows 10 this is too much. This operating system flatly refuses to install at least any application for outdated models of Teflon, as well as USBFDD. I’m not one of those who likes to be decided for him at his home. With Windows 10 and 11, your computer ceases to be your property, the corporation breaks it and turns it into its tool.

        For whom was this operating system written, for what purpose is all this so perverted, what is the intention to turn people’s data into income (yes, I know that personal data is traded, even a company like Autodesk offers to disable the “Sell my credentials” function on the user account page), who gives them such a right, We? Human rights, inviolability – the latest versions of operating systems, this is a direct violation of human rights and freedoms, and the Ubuntu operating system is no exception in this case, Richard Stallman caught them on it.


  22. Cannot wait till the private jets of Microsoft get updated to Windows 10.

    Wishing them death?

    Why would I?
    Windows 10 is the best and most secure OS.

    You cannot say that I wish Microsoft to die because Windows 10 is the latest and greatest best ever most secure and fastest OS!

    Stop being paranoid guys, there’s nothing to decrypt here.
    No hidden meaning, no nothing.

    I just love Microsoft and I want Windows 10 everywhere!

    I want it in boats, airplanes, fighter jets, cruise ships, hospitals, cars, helicopters.

    I just want to make sure that everything is safe & secure for our own good.
    Windows 10 benefits the greater good because of increased security and performance.

    Microsoft is awesome!


      1. I literally wrote ‘Microsoft is awesome’ in 2021…
        This should have been a dead giveaway that I was just bullshitting and I meant the opposite.

        I just want to install Windows 10 on Bill Gates’s private jet so that he installs it on Jesus’s computer when he will meet him.

        Yes, Jesus beats the crap out of Bill Gates afterwards and the Paradise guards cuff him up and feed him to the triple-headed giant Cerberus dog, but I think that it’s not a big loss for neither Earth nor Paradise.


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