Windows 10 is a pile of horse shit


Ok, this fucking does it. Windows 10 is the motherfucking worst Windows OS I’ve ever used. No, Vista was a fucking gem compared to this pile of absolute concentrated excrement.

Lets write down why…

I happen to own a slightly older Compaq laptop. Nothing fancy, it’s powered by an AMD E-450 APU and I’ve bought extra 4GB of RAM to make 8GB in total and replaced the crappy HDD with 128GB Crucial M4 SSD. It’s still kinda weak, but for web, music and movies, perfectly capable device. Has served me well with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Popup came along to update to Windows 10 and so I did it. And that’s where thing went downhill. 90° slope…

There is this wonderful thing with AMD E-450 APU where latest Catalyst 15.7 drivers, the very same that also get delivered to Windows 10 through Windows Update, these drivers don’t fucking work at all. Youtube at 480p lags and stutters like I’m trying to run 4K on a fucking Commodore C-128. It’s absolutely unusable.

Gone through Display Driver Uninstaller, manually disabled automatic driver updating and installed old Catalyst 14.12 Omega, the ones that worked fine and where I could playback 1080p Youtube smoothly. All was well and then I stopped using laptop for a while because I didn’t need it.

Like an hour ago, I’ve fired it up and checked for updates since it passed quite a lot of days. And guess what Windows Update automatically without asking me a single thing. Yup, you guessed it. It installed motherfucking Catalyst 15.7 WHQL drivers on its own that don’t fucking work with HD6320 GPU found on AMD E-450 APU.

If this was the scenario with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, I could simply uncheck the driver in the Windows Update panel where you decide what driver updates to install and what to ignore. Problem would be solved in 5 seconds and I’d have no need to write this rant. But nope in Windows 10. No such thing. Microsoft just forcibly stuffs ALL MOTHERFUCKING DRIVERS down your throat whether they work or they don’t (and most of the time they don’t work, say hello to all the broken wireless drivers from the past). And this is exactly what I’ve been warning about when “new” Windows Update was revealed. Bad shit will happen when Microsoft decides to forcibly install all drivers. And it’s already happening.

I’d blame AMD for not providing functional drivers, but it’s not AMD that is forcing broken drivers onto my system, it’s fucking Microsoft.

How can a multi-billion company like Microsoft fuck it up so badly is beyond any level of comprehension. It’s so terrifyingly bad it’s almost surreal. Fucking hell. And I’ve actually gone and bought a GTX 980 so I’ll have a DirectX 12 capable GPU to properly utilize graphics on a new OS. Which turned out to be this piece of crap (the OS, GTX 980 is fine). And I’ll eventually be forced to use Windows 10 because DirectX 12 will not be available on Windows 8.1 (which works like a charm). I always install all system updates in Windows 8.1 but skip most driver updates per my selection. It’s brilliant, keeps system up to date and under my full control because I know how to handle computers you fucks at Redmond. And then there is Windows 10 with its pathetic forced auto updating of motherfucking everything.

Microsoft, fuck you and fuck your Windows 10. This is by FAR the worst Windows I’ve ever used. It’s so fucking bad it makes Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows Millennium look like fucking perfection. At least it was under MY control and it fucking worked. Windows 10 is apparently entirely under Microsoft’s control and it’s fucking non functional pile of shit.

Microsoft, STOP breaking shit and forcing it on us. You CAN’T possibly know what drivers we want so stop doing this shit. Fuck. Just fucking stop it! Aaaaaargh!!!!


161 thoughts on “Windows 10 is a pile of horse shit

  1. Totally agree with everything said here and to be honest I need to vent!

    If I was in the Microsoft building right now it would be a fucking massacre!

    I honestly don’t know how a company of any magnitude can produce such crap and actually market it on a commercial level, It has become blithely obvious that microsoft simply does not give a fuck about consumers, about quality control, about industry standards, about user privacy about the fucking frustration I go through every time I use a windows 10 operating system.

    I don’t think they could fuck up any worse if they tried, In Fact I would be inclined to say that windows 10 was designed like this, designed to be broken, designed to piss people off the max.

    I mean honestly this is beyond a fucking joke, I can not begin to explain.. I can’t even listen to music without the CPU hanging, I can’t even visit a webpage without the system locking up, What the fuck is up with the dialog?? This OS reflects the mentality and the state of indoctrination of 21st century society. There is no logic, There is not clear process, Just navigating the file directory is a challenge and no I’ve been using this system for 12 months so it’s not a learning curve it’s fucked by design.

    Why is their constant crap being installed on my computer without my consent, why the fuck is there a picture of donald trump in my start menu!! Why am I being forced to update and why the fuck do I have commercials in a product i paid for!!

    Just because Microsoft is a multi billion dollar corporation doesn’t mean they can shit on toast and expect us to eat it!! I mean really that is what is has come down too, They are so rich they don’t care what they are selling, Windows 10 reflects this!

    Windows 7 was the last stable and secure legacy OS, ran flawlessly, I’d go back but none of the computer manufacturers write drivers for newer systems.

    Once again a big shout out to Microsoft, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!! Sincerely.


  2. Agree with all mentioned above – Windows 10 is RUBISH !
    Its only good for warmongers and pedos from Pentagon/NSA/CIA and other bastards…
    I did the same mistake – jumped on ad – free update…
    OMG what a MISTAKE…
    My HTPC is running like Pentium MMX with Windows ME on it…
    but the BEST PART is I still have old WIN 7 folders stored regular HDD ( ex-master ) while running Win10 from new SSD ( new master ) – so Im thinking that Im going to delete them and save 30+ GB disc space – BUT NO WAY UNDER f0cking Win 10 – even as Im the one and only user/admin – CANT DELETE THAT F0CKING old WIndows folder for some RIGHT and PERMITION REASONS !!!
    WTF ??? WHO is the OWNER of my PC ???
    Me or that fagot Bill Gates ?!?
    Going back to Win 7 – last Windows at least worked a little… and Linux Mint as dual boot…


  3. I totally agree. I borrowed my friends windows gaming laptop (new iMac is on it’s way being delivered) to play dota 2 over the weekend. Last windows I used was windows 7 (6 years ago). I have played for about 6 hours and spent 6 additional hours in OS updates/restarts/hangups/crashes.

    I am never, ever coming back to windows again.


  4. I had no problems with the first release of Windows 10 home. Serves me just fine. I want it to stay that way, but Microsoft insists that I need to upgrade to the next release to receive security updates. I tried it and it took 14 hours of waiting and caused me another 8 hours to fix it. Then I noticed my shares weren’t working, type in explorer was extremely small and no way to fix some of it because they took control away to change it. Then I backed it off, and a box came up to ask me why I was dis-satisfied. I answered their check boxes. and I was restored back. Now I am being plagued with a download screen saying it needs to upgrade to give me the latest release again, and no way to stop but to crash down my system. I now have changed my wifi connection to metered. Waiting to see if that helps.


  5. Well, So far no interruptions, the only problem I have encountered is that Defender won’t get any more updates either (BIG WOOOP!).


  6. oops. Spoke too soon, but at least I got the option to say “Remind me Later” and I wasn’t bothered anymore last night.


  7. The truth is that the Microsoft with the first Window versions up to the XP, wanted to make people depended on it. And now it’s done.The Microsoft Company don’t care if the customers are happy or not. Not at all!
    They just want make money. Nothing else.


  8. If you don’t want trouble with Windows 10. Do never update it and don’t install any other Anti-Virus software other providers. Unfortunately are all those programme precisely manipulated to make money. You will see, it will run perfectly. Just be patient, block and avoid any update. Surf everytime in private modus and when you left your browser don’t forget to clear the browser history. clean your temporary folder and the Task folder as well. You will see everything is going to be best. My computer runs Windows 10 as well and in so doing I never had any Problems 🙂


  9. I’m a Linux user. I just look in blogs like this when I am feeling a bit down; soon cheers me up.

    On a more serious note, you guys have my utmost sympathy; you have been sold the fucking MOTHER of all lemons in the form of Windows 10. Oh and good luck on clearing your web bowser history; Microshite has ALREADY logged every single page you have looked at, every single command that you have typed, and EVERY fucking keystroke that you make. Make sure the mofo never has power too when you log off. I mean NO FUCKING JUICE in it at ALL. Otherwise, Microshite can REMOTELY turn on your web camera and your microphone. Worried yet? You should be.


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