Disable automatic driver updating in Windows 10

Are you tired of stupid Windows 10 automatically updating drivers with versions that are broken or clearly inferior to the one you want to use (I’ve had such horrible experience few days ago with AMD E-450 APU and latest Catalyst 15.7 WHQL drivers that just don’t work good at all)? Since Microsoft doesn’t want to leave us the fuck alone, we have to yet again tweak this shit on our own. Which is annoying, but necessary if you want to use Windows 10 at the moment without losing all your hair. Or turning it grey…

Right-click on Start button and select System. Click Advanced system settings and select Hardware tab and then Device Installation Settings…

Win10_DisableDriverUpdatingSet it as shown on the image above. This will force Windows 10 to stop automatically updating and installing drivers.

I don’t get it what was wrong with the Windows 8.x driver updating!? It automatically updated any missing device drivers on first bootup after installation, but ANYTHING else detected later on Windows Update was just presented to the user who was then able to simply disable notification for that particular driver and never see it again. But you were also able to accept the offer and update it. I loved that system, because it worked like charm and wasn’t invasive. But now, Microsoft just stuffs it down your throat whether you like it or not. Idiotic to the max.

5 thoughts on “Disable automatic driver updating in Windows 10

  1. Yes! Isn’t this maddening? How about, “your computer will shut down to install important updates in two days.” Naturally it will decide to suddenly shut down at the precise moment you are writing or reading something important.


    1. I could never understand that. It’s 2015 and their OS is incapable of sensing if user is typing something or there is network or disk activity. If it’s predefined time, it’ll just reboot. Apps on freaking Android are capable of self-postponing scheduled tasks if there is system activity and desktop “supercomputers” can’t. Crazy stupid.

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  2. I don’t think this works. Prior to examining this setting windows 10 edu x64 overdrove my wireless adapter with wifi and bt capabilities on an acer laptop so i couldn’t use BT cause of the faulty update driver. the one i installed manually later si ok. but when this overriding was happening these settings that you recommend above were already the same. i changed a key in registry to not update device drivers and also didn’t do shit. as the final solution i disabled windows update in services. now i’ll wait for the real solution that works without having security updates lack. good job, ms.


    1. It works for me and also works for Display Driver Uninstaller which uses the same mechanism. It even works in Win8.1 that I’ve returned to. You’ll have to manually uninstall new driver in Device Manager and tick the box “Delete uninstalled driver”, otherwise Windows will keep finding it in local driver repository.


  3. windows is a fucken scum company in general..just a pack of curry twats sitting drinking funken soy late…a dreaming up fucken transparent windows..so they can play with their fucken organ…same time as they have 15 fucken transparent windows floating around……
    just was what was wrong with xp..
    just bean bag cunts dreaming

    fuckem all


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