Win10 forced driver updating is retarded

Ok, Microsoft, can you stop behaving like total morons? Like I’ve predicted, Windows Update in Windows 10 is absolute pile of junk.

I don’t know what retard thought it would be smart forcing driver updates down the users throats. I generally didn’t have problems with drivers and I always used latest versions. Until few days ago when I updated my AMD E-450 powered laptop to Windows 10. All went well, Windows 10 installed without problems, Windows Update does its updating and then I found out drivers installed from Windows Update provide ZERO video hardware acceleration. When Youtube can’t be played smoothly at 480p in year 2015 on hardware that used to even run 4K somewhat ok, you know someone fucked shit up badly.

Had to install older Catalyst 14.12 WHQL in order to make it functional again and guess what, when I was using it, screen starts flashing. And then I find out retarded Windows Update again installed the non-functional driver on its own, just because it’s a newer version. Stop fucking doing that you dumb OS. I’ve installed older version because the latest one is crap.

But noooo, you must use dem latest drivers because some dork at Microsoft feels like he or she knows it better than users.

Fucking hell this shit is pissing me off. Force install security updates for all I care, but for the love of all that’s holy, leave drivers the fuck out of it. They are not critical for security and they just fuck shit up.

3 thoughts on “Win10 forced driver updating is retarded

  1. It’s still fucking there! If you try to say, watch a stream over a metered connection (to stop the retarded update downloading) and use a bluetooth speaker, fucking big surprise it doesn’t want to pair and at best you get choppy audio. New issue every fucking day with this POS OS.


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