Murica, the rest of the world is not universally fat



Why do these narrow-minded social justice warriors think the rest of the world outside Murica is universally fat? Why do they think ALL women need to be chubby or fat to be “acceptable” or “normal”? Overly “stronger” women aren’t my cup of tea, but I don’t demand absolutely perfect athletic body girls. I’m not perfect either, so I don’t expect any more than that from women. But I’d be lying if I’d say I don’t fancy skinny girls. Sounds reasonable right?

But the examples above are just ridiculous. Those aren’t even normal “real” women, they are just very chubby versions of hot original female game protagonists. Making all women chubby doesn’t make them any more realistic than having all of them super skinny in games. Stop doing this shit because it’s retarded.

Also, the 3rd images show that such women do exist. And I do know quite a lot of women in my life who have insanely crafted body and they aren’t even photo or fashion models. So clearly, they do exist. They just happen to care about their looks and health. Stop making excuses for being a land whale in expansion…

And the fact is, large majority of men simply prefer women who aren’t stronger. It’s not because of movies or fashion magazines say so. It’s just naturally wired in our brains to have certain preference for such women, just like it is for some men to prefer chubby or strong women. So stop fucking shaming us for liking women the way we like them. We happen to like normal and skinny women, others like stronger women. Both are fine. If it’s not my preference and I happen to express that aloud, that’s not shaming of anyone, it’s simply my preference. It’s really no different than my preference for freckly redheads over brunettes and blondes or girls with blue eyes over those with brown eyes. Or the same preference where some girl might fancy my looks and some other just wouldn’t be able to like me no matter what. And I’m fine with that. We are all different and each has their own preferences. There is no universal right or wrong. It just is. And it’s correct in both states. It’s just that one is my correct and the other one is someone else’s correct.

2 thoughts on “Murica, the rest of the world is not universally fat

  1. Yes. And why do you devote so much of your time, and such a long post, to comment what is just sick — and, you will agree, should also be sickening — envy?

    What are you surprised of? That a category of people who feel hated by nature and prevented from life are angry and envious toward the normal?

    Are you surprised that they take out their frustration on the internet, and try to constitute groups and associations in order to channel their frustration in the most possible annoying fashion?

    You won’t remove nature’s inequality, nor the envy and rancour of a part of those who feel unjustly targeted by nature. Likewise, they won’t remove natural tastes and liking, nor among females either among males. We all perfectly know who, what, and why and how, males and females, men and women, like and dislike.

    If you can be afraid SJWs play may change any of this, you are overestimating them more than they themselves do in their times of most self-relieving self-deceit :)!

    As for mainstream media products, the vast majority of them will continue to feature what they know the audience enjoys more — which is what nature, not a narrow association of rabid misshapen rejects, dictates —.

    You say art? Real art? That will be free and sincere, under any circumstance, as genuine art has always been and will always be. Of course, in instances such as URSS or “People’s Republics” art can be forbidden wholly. I don’t think we have to worry about USA and the EU falling into such a state, and frankly, I believe in next decades freedom will be gained in Russia and “People’s Republic” too, spet by step, slowly, yet inarrestably (specially in “People’s Republic”).

    Attempts to deny nature have always been made, but never succeeded — if not partly and temporarily.

    Don’t mistake a collective universal asylum as social media (and far left press) for the real world where people not sentenced by nature are busy at living life 🙂


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