Anita thinks MRAs and atheists are cute


Are you really accusing MRA’s and atheists (what the fuck have atheists to do with gaming?) of not being gamers? Newsflash Anita, I’m both. MRA and atheist. But firstly, I was a gamer. My passion for games predates advocacy for men’s rights and atheism. I was a gamer first, someone who still has very fond memories of spending my childhood with my sister, playing games together on one PC. We used to play Worms, Need for Speed, Atomic Bomberman etc, all the most misogynistic games imaginable. So take this tweet, hold it firmly and shove it up your rear. It’s exactly where it belongs.

You are the LAST person to preach to us about gaming. You played what, Super Mario once, 20 years ago and you were showing off your stack of Xbone games (console peasant heh…) once and you think you all of a sudden have the voice to talk over us who are gamers, day after day through the entire year for 20+ years?

Respect and knowledge in gaming is earned, it’s learned and any real gamer can sniff out phonies like you in under a minute through conversation about games. Fucking hell, even Colbert got you in under 10 seconds when you couldn’t name 3 fucking games. It’s a bitch talking about games without a teleprompter isn’t it? Especially if you’re not really a gamer… Guess what, it’s not for me, because I’m a real gamer, I know games I play well and I even extend my interests to games that aren’t my cup of tea and I can talk about games for hours. And if you think you can just walk into the gaming scene and just expect everyone to respect you with the knowledge and respect you’ve shown to gaming… I can only laugh at you.

We have NO respect for you and it’s NOT because you’re a woman, it’s because YOU have no respect for gaming industry or the people in it. You’re the one constantly throwing nasty accusations at us wrapped in fancy high-flying selection of words. You’re the one constantly twisting facts to make us look bad, to make us look like monsters. You’re calling us sexist misogynist. Do you know how painful that is for me to listen day after day where in reality, I respect women as much as I respect myself if not even more? You apparently have no idea how horrible that feels like.

And I just remembered why you hate atheists…


Atheists never listen and believe. Atheists listen and question everything. That’s why you don’t like them. They are the ones who listen to your manure and then do research, find out you’re a fake and then they spread that info online. And you hate it when your shitty narrative is crumbling like a fine china in a car crusher…

Do you know who you are Miss Sarkessian? You are a bully and a harasser. You’re a perfect definition of those assholes. You injected yourself into gaming industry, into gaming scene with sole purpose of harassing everyone who doesn’t bow down to your totalitarian ideology. So don’t fucking preach to us how to be a gamer. Just listen and believe, because we are the gamers. Far more than you’ll ever be.

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