The mousepad of oppression

Haha, the moment I’ve seen this Tweet I just had to include it in my This Tweet in Stupid series. It’s glorious 😀

Cliff Bleszinski, the founder of Epic Games, the studio that brought us legendary Unreal game series and the widely used and popular Unreal Engine game engine has posted this on his timeline…

TTIS_MousepadOppressionIt’s a mousepad with anime girl who has squishy wrist support in a shape of breasts. Being someone who was selling generic black mousepads with same gel wrist support I found it funny and entertaining how they used anime girl and her tits on the exact same product to make it more fun and interesting. Unfortunately, not everyone share the same sense of humor as we do…

The outrage

Here is a lady who apparently genuinely believes that such mousepad is causing an oppression of women in gaming industry.

TTIS_MousepadOppression3Because you know, women who work in gaming industry are such fragile special snowflakes that they get offended by a mousepad with a fictional anime character with squishy boobs. And she doesn’t just stop there…

TTIS_MousepadOppression4Sorry Elizabeth, but if you get offended by a mousepad, then I don’t think you’d be able to get into any kind of industry. I’m quite confident that you already have a gender studies degree which is probably less useful than toilet paper to get a real job and secondly, grow a fucking thicker skin. If mousepad offends you, then I don’t think you can actually leave your home, because something might offend you. Like birds chirping on a tree. I’m pretty sure that would trigger you and ruin your whole day.

Stop talking like you’re the voice of ALL women. It’s you and you alone who is offended by this. I know many women who love “whatever shooty bro bullshit nonsense” and you do NOT speak for them. They find this mousepad with boobs a quirky comedy item. Some even wanted to have it after this. And people like CliffyB using them does not offend them. At all. They would gladly work on a desk right next to him using such mousepad.

The mousepad with squishy dude

I was joking around how guys wouldn’t get offended if it was a dude on a mousepad and the gel wrist support would be his manly bulge. And I wouldn’t. I’m 120% positive that men would just laugh. Or would find it a bit gay and simply avoid it. And then some guy actually posted a mousepad version designed for girls. It has a dude on it and his booty is a gel wrist support…

TTIS_MousepadOppression2Not quite a penis shaped gel wrist support that I wanted as an example, but I think it’s close enough. Should I get offended by it? Most certainly not. Should I boycott and criticize a female game developer who might happen to use it? Nope. Because I’m not a weak-minded fragile special snowflake. Stuff like this doesn’t offend me. It has ZERO effect on me. Sure it’s a bit gay (but hey, I’m a cis white male shitlord), but it would still make a good laugh regardless.


Nice Twitter user @The7thLevel supplied me with a mousepad that I wanted. It has male junk in front. Perfect. Now my balls and sausage can feel oppressed and offended so I can shill my Patreon (which I don’t have but it just sounds cool to say that 😀 ).

TTIS_MousepadOppression5This one with a dude is even more graphic than the one with a girl and boobs. Damn, stop staring at his junk… stop it… stoooooop!

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