Men made the world


Oh Joshy… Joshy… Joshy… I’ve posted an article few minutes ago and remembered you might have something “factual” for us. And you indeed didn’t fail to deliver.

So, it’s not factual and is even sexist you say? Lets jump to this lovely webpage over here that has the answers…

What is this?

MaleDominatedJobs_US_2011And this?


Or this?


Funny how real statistical data shows that men did in fact build this world. Literally. All the infrastructure, resources and construction jobs are absolutely dominated by male workforce. But damn this sexism, lets send more women into construction, roadways maintenance, mining, sewer maintenance, powerlines and powerplants maintenance, deep earth mining, oil rigs in the middle of oceans and all the other similar nasty back breaking jobs women so eagerly want to participate in, but never had the chance. Except they don’t. Even feminazis want nothing but nice, clean and fancy, air-conditioned office jobs, preferably as CEO’s, because fuck being a normal office clerk. Why is no one marching around demanding 50:50 quotas for all these civilization critical infrastructure jobs that also happen to be one of the nastiest and most difficult jobs on the planet? But no, these feminist fuckers want to take credit even for what men have worked and also died for thousands of years. Yeah, men build this world and they also died in large numbers in the process. And they still do… It’s luckily decreasing thanks to new technologies and more rigorous safety protocols. However, these are only death related statistics, imagine all the situations where men become disabled due to an injury. I have yet to see a woman with a missing finger(s), but I basically see men with crippled hands pretty much every day. And they are all with 99% certainty work related injuries…


I have no problem crediting women where credit is due and I’m well aware that society works the best when men and women work together, but men have in fact built this world, in a literal meaning of the phrase. So fucking what if men did in fact build this world!? No one is bitching when people say that women are the ones who give birth to our civilization, but god forbid saying that man built the world as we know it (infrastructure wise). It’s what that guy REVILIT also had in mind with that tweet. A LOT of men also raise their children and NO ONE is ever crediting them for it. It’s always mom this, mom that, taking care for children as a woman is hard work, blablabla. Why can’t you leave at least one thing alone and let it be credited to men, because they I don’t know, deserve it? You always have to “transform” it into your bullshit narrative about sexism and muhsoggyknee and how women are oppressed. Fuck you.

And then McIntosh even blocked the guy who perfectly politely disagreed with him. Yeah, you da man Josh. Ooooh-rah [manly roar]… What a douchebag.

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