1st World Equality Problems on Facebook


Oh my god, I think humanity is reaching new heights of stupidity. Correction, feminism or even more correctly the nazi regiment of feminism is so concerned over everyone’s equality these days they are now concerned over… wait for it… wait for it… wait… Facebook icons.

No, I’m not even fucking kidding. The feminazi armada forced Facebook into changing friendship or whatever icons (I hardly use Facebook so don’t blame me). These fucking narrow-minded assholes got offended and butt hurt over the fact that a woman is standing BEHIND the man and is also slightly smaller. Because you know, fuck the distance/perspective relationship…

And check this which I just noticed while typing this, they placed woman to the FRONT now. It wasn’t enough to just make female icon same size, no. That’s never enough for the feminazi dictator fucks. The woman has to be in the front. Because feminism is always concerned about equality you know… Except when women have more of this “equality”, at which point it doesn’t bother them the slightest… But god forbid a man being in the forefront or having slightly larger icon. Because you know, we can’t let no patriarchy be portrayed anywhere. Coz muhsoggyknee and oppurrressioh…

At this point I should go mad like feminists do all the fucking time and demand that none of the icons cover each other, portraying perspective where one would always be behind another and instead demand that they are placed side by side in absolute perspective symmetry. But no, I won’t, because I don’t fucking care. I’m not a mentally challenged fuckwit who is so psychotically obsessed over everything gender related to demand something this pathetically trivial from anyone. But I’ll just tell you this people, the feminazis will not just stop at this. They never do. You’ve seen what they did with “manspreading” nonsense. It went so far metro authorities actually posted those signs on metro stations and in metro carts. Feminazis are turning human race into degenerates. They are projecting their retardation upon this world and if people don’t slap them in the face soon (and hard), everything will go to shit.

This isn’t about equality anymore, this is exceeding all healthy levels of being concerned over equality of women (or anyone for that matter). It’s just fucking unhealthy. Fight for real equality issues, I’ll gladly cheer for that, but wasting everyone’s time on such petty idiocy as tiny graphics on some webpage? Really 3rd wave feminists? You’re wasting time and resources on this kind of shit!? :slowclap: No wonder everyone is taking you as lunatics, because you are. But the lunatics are still running the show. Why, I don’t know…

TRIGGER WARNING: Strong language and concentrated misogyny. Fuck you feminazis, that’s why I’ve placed it at the end.

3 thoughts on “1st World Equality Problems on Facebook

  1. Did you catch some of the icon language being used? In the original the woman has “a chip on her shoulder” and a “purity hairdo.” I had to chuckle at the huge amounts of projection going on there. The “chip on her shoulder” appears to have been a man and the hair has now been “liberated from it’s helmet.” We can get mad about it, but I have to admit that is some funny projection and insecurity going on.


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