Weaponizing charity


Congratulations, you have earned a spotlight on the This Tweet in Stupid.

Here, we have a guy who bases ENTIRE accusation of ENTIRE GamerGate’s guilt of harassment on WAM statistical research on Twitter harassment (pay attention, the research is not done specifically for GamerGate, however it specifically mentions it in some parts of the research paper).

It’s also laughable how he outright accuses all of us of being a harassment campaign and nothing else (like we aren’t already used to such slurs) through a research paper that he clearly doesn’t know to interpret and which also uses a lot of words like “alleged” and “could be”…


12% out of 512 alleged harassing accounts could be linked to GamerGate “controversy” (There is also explanation of these statistics done by a data analyst Chris von Csefalvay floating on Twitter). Excuse my ignorance but since when do courts convict or accuse ANYONE with “alleged” and “could be”? Oh, right, they don’t. So, just fucking stop it.

My response above linked this image to him, because he clearly doesn’t understand how hashtags on Twitter work…

GamerGateFAQI made this infographic few months ago. It explains what is a (GamerGate) hashtag and how it is absolutely impossible to moderate, control or police it. Anyone can Tweet “Die you ugly cunt” to someone and append #GamerGate hashtag to such message and people/WAM will count that as harassment done by GamerGate. And GamerGate as a consumer revolt movement takes the blame. For what? Because some asshole had too much time on his hands and he had to throw nasty words at someone and use our hashtag in the process? I’m on Twitter since only 2014 when I joined GamerGate and it’s crystal clear to me how all this works. And this guy is on Twitter since 2010 and supposedly worked for Palm and Apple. What exactly he worked on there, I don’t know. Probably bringing coffee to the technicians or something, because he has absolutely no clue how Twitter and hashtags work.

Weaponizing charity

And if you look in the third tweet above, his response to my infographic, he is yet again one of those derps who accuse GamerGate of weaponizing charity. GamerGate as a movement made several charities to help women in gaming industry (TFYC – The Fine Young Capitalists, they are also partially a reason why GamerGate started), helped rape victim Cytherea, we helped a disabled GamerGate member Shanon to buy a new stairlift, we helped other fellow GamerGaters when they encountered unexpected difficulties in their lives during GamerGate revolt and we also helped bunch of pretty much random charities just because we could. It was a way to laugh at Anti-GamerGaters while helping someone in the process. How the fuck is that a bad thing!? But nope, you’ll always find some asshole who will blame us for doing charities. At the end of the day, we helped animals (yeah we also donated for saving otters which are now an internal mascot of the GamerGate along with Vivian James) and fellow human beings of this planet through weaponizing charities and the assholes who opposed us basically just bitched on Twitter the entire time and they helped exactly NO ONE in the process. Fuck it. Yes, we weaponized charities and we are proud of doing it. We rallied thousands of people into donating for a good cause. So yeah, we fucking weaponized it. Deal with it.

Taking the blame

I also love it how this guy blames us for taking credit for doing charities (which is what Anti’s call weaponized charity) and also blames us for not also taking credit for harassment (allegedly) done by GamerGate. All I can say is hold your horses right here you imbecile. Charities were in fact initiated by US and we KNOW for absolute fact that we made them and successfully funded them in majority of cases. But you want us to take credit (blame) for harassment of some random assholes calling someone else a cunt and appending GamerGate hastag to a tweet? How motherfucking daft are you!? I condemn such behavior and I’ve never done it. Majority of people who I hang with in the name of GamerGate also follow the same principles. But fuck no, I will NOT take the blame for some retard with too much time who is trolling random people online. No. Just fucking no. Read the fucking infographic again. Fucking hell…

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