Can’t share folders on new OneDrive

Ok, I love the new changes for Microsoft’s OneDrive, but I found one absolutely RETARDED problem. You can’t share entire folders anymore. Meaning if someone walks into my OneDrive account root folder, he cannot see newly shared folders. Others have to STRICTLY access folders through links that I authorize.

A month ago and more I was able to create a folder and decide if it’s a private one, openly shared with EVERYONE or shared only to select people who get the link.

OneDriveMessSo, this mess is all I can do with folders. I can only send strict “view only with link” or “keep it private”. Giving users ability to browse all my public folders on my OneDrive is not possible anymore. What the hell Microsoft, are you crazy!? Now I can’t create publicly shared folders anymore, preventing me from sharing files publicly without authorization links. I have to strictly provide a link to a file or folder that I want to share. That’s just outright moronic. WHY!? Why the hell menu on the picture above doesn’t provide 3 easily selectable options!?

– Private

– Public

– Only access with link

How freaking hard is it to deliver this!? It’s so dumb I’m thinking of migrating all my data to Google Drive which has this sorted better, but it would be too much freaking work to move all the files and then fix all the broken links in my articles. It’s crazy. Fix this crap Microsoft.

2 thoughts on “Can’t share folders on new OneDrive

  1. I have not been able to send a link from the new signed up OneDrive. I click the share button but the link was never sent.


  2. Use to be able to share folders in my one drive as but I can’t do that from Hotmail anymore. Problem started about 4/4/2016


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