FemFreq: My mentions are train wreck of misogyny


No Anita, this is a train wreck that keeps on delivering. And you’re the one driving it XD

I could go in length explaining it, but someone already made a meme that absolutely perfectly describes your behavior…


Yes, the lady in pink shirt with giant earrings is you Anita (dunno if that’s intentional or just a coincidence). You’re shuffling stupid accusations of misogyny and toxic masculinity to the internet and when opinions from others return back, you start screaming misogyny. It’s EXACTLY like that!

No one has ever said you’re not entitled to opinions, because you are. Anyone can freely express an opinion on the internet. However, opinions usually start with: “My opinion is…” “I believe…” or “I think…”, what you’re doing is making factual statements (well, I’m being very generous with the word “factual” here), you’re making them look like they are factual even though pretty much all the gamers and academic papers have proven otherwise time and time again. And despite all that, you’re still shuffling your manure to the internet and then screaming misogyny when it returns back… WHY!? When I make a statement and I’m proven wrong, I will not keep on posting it further. So, why are you doing it? I think (see, opinion!) it has nothing to do with woman’s rights and feminism and has a whole lot to do with the rustling of Benjamins…

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