Actually it is about ethics in games journalism…


My mind was literally (yeah, I used that word) blown this morning after I’ve read this tweet. There are people who with a straight face believe #GamerGate is worse than ISIS and openly say that online. A fucking consumer revolt on the internet, WORSE than ISIS. And he congratulates ISIS for being honest at what they do. Enslaving women, beheading people, throwing gays of buildings and bombing civilian targets is totally praise worthy. *mind blown*

The reason why GamerGate is still portrayed so negative is constant and endless slandering of us in the press. Even the mainstream media portrays us in the same way gaming journalism did with “Gamers are dead, gamers are over” hit pieces. They just throw in word “GamerGate” because it generates clicks even though they are doing huge damage to us with such retarded moronic behavior. All of this could have been over back in October 2014 if we weren’t so negatively portrayed and everyone just fixed the fucking ethics policies and started to behave as stated in them.

If we aren’t for ethics, then what are we here for? Don’t tell me it’s “misogyny” and how we are after women and trans people in gaming industry. If you honestly believe that, you’re a mindless drone with zero autonomy. There are plenty of women in #GamerGate revolt and you fuckwits are the ones who erased them and dehumanized them down to sock puppets. How nice of you…

I’m just wondering why have pretty much all gaming websites updated their ethics policies? How did that happened in such a short period of time? By a fucking chance? Yeah right… It’s GamerGate that did that. We did that! And the reason why #GamerGate is still going is because websites that have updated (even partially) their ethics policies are still not following them as they should. And we will remain here until they do. Even if it takes several years. We are gamers, you don’t fuck around with our stamina and endurance.

And because #GamerGate, even though primarily consumer revolt for ethics, it also includes fight for freedom of expression and is against censorship. Guess why that is… Maybe because we are getting censored on all ends and portrayed in a negative way by the same god damn press that we called out on the ethics issues. And because then the mainstream media just copy & pasted their articles all over the fucking internet and then you mindless fuckers like this idiot reblogged and retweeted that even further. That’s unethical slandering and libeling. And because we will not tolerate censorship and fear-mongering of game developers and all the feminist bullshit being forced into games. We don’t want identity politics bullshit being forced into games.

That’s all that #GamerGate is about and always will be. And you comparing us to ISIS just makes you look like a total ass.

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