It’s a video game, what do you expect?!


Dear Jonathan “I’ve already made 6 commercially successful games” McIntosh (that middle name is meant as sarcastic statement, if someone missed that by any chance), please do enlighten us what kind of game you’d create that has gameplay mechanics never ever seen before and that will sell in millions of copies, guaranteed? When shareholders expect guaranteed income (and profit) or when your living standard depends on it, you do NOT experiment. If a Call of Duty style game sells, company will stick with that. It’s business 101. Indie developers on the other hand are often forced to experiment in order to separate themselves from the AAA game industry because they simply have no resources to compete with that. But they can with innovative game mechanics that may attract customers. Or they may sink the game company because there won’t be much interest in something unproven…

It’s a double-edge sword, that’s why things move and evolve slowly. Or sometimes go totally backwards like Bioshock did compared to System Shock 2 or Deus Ex. Still a good game, but game mechanics wise, it’s a huge step backwards thanks to butterfingered console peasants who can’t control complex shit with analog sticks and D-pad. And I know you belong there, seeing Anita posing with stacks of Xbox games… Yeah, I’m the PC Master Race shitlord. Deal with it.

And in the end “It’s indeed just a video game”. Why do you expect them to be anything else? Why do you expect them to cater to your taste exclusively?

Here is the answer, an image that I’ve posted on Twitter back in March 2015…


I don’t like tons of games and gameplay mechanics. And you won’t see me bitching about it day after day and demanding everyone to change their games to fit my specific taste… I suggest you do the same. Stop bitching and enjoy games that you do like. If you don’t like a single game in existence, then, just maybe, it might be a problem in you and not in the games…


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