What if someone made a “kill all men” game…

Today’s This Tweet in Stupid guest is Randi Harper, the online bully extraordinaire…


Actually, all the people supporting him wouldn’t be pissed. Why? Because 90% of games already are “kill all men” and no one gives a damn, because they are just games. It’s you crazy lot, bitching about exclusion/inclusion of women and misogyny. Few of the most popular games just to give it a taste how horrible games really are and how they are all about misogyny…

– entire Call of Duty series, I have yet to see a female enemy soldiers (don’t recall any).

– entire Battlefield series, I have yet to see a female enemy soldiers (don’t recall any)

– entire CounterStrike series, I have yet to see a female player model to shot at/play with.

– Half-Life 1, no female soldiers except those black ninjas. The rest is 99% of shooting men.

– Half-Life 2, I don’t remember any female enemies to shoot at.

– entire F.E.A.R. series, I don’t remember any female enemies (if we exclude Alma), only male enemies.

– Max Payne 1 and 2, again, I don’t remember ever seeing women shooting at me and me shooting at them…

– Soldier of Fortune series, apart from few female gang members in the very beginning Subway level of the SoF1 game, the other 99% of the time, you’re shooting exclusively men in most grotesque and cruel ways.

– entire Tomb Raider series, apart from female antagonists, you’re shooting and fighting men exclusively.


Why this happens is explained by Vavra’s Law (by game developer Daniel Vavra)…

If game only has men in it, SJW’s demand equal representation of women. And when you add women as enemies to make things equal, they scream misogyny because you can now shoot women. It’s a never-ending hell for developers, that’s why they just stick with male only enemies. Because no one is bitching over that anyway…

11 thoughts on “What if someone made a “kill all men” game…

  1. You make a good point. I’ve never played a game that didn’t involve “kill all men.” Go all the way back to the olden days of Ms pac man, little pink blob killing all the little blue, angry man-blobs. Tomb Raider, nearly exclusively “kill all men.”

    LOL, now that I think about it, it’s a bit pathetic really. Some of actually like men and don’t really want to annihilate them all.


    1. But the thing is, we all beat, shoot and kill male characters in games for decades and no one gives a damn about it. It’s always “muh womynz” that starts all the shit.

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      1. LOL, I really am sorry for shooting all those male characters over the years, without even thinking twice about it! Dreadful I know, downright misandrist.

        Interesting how we care more about women’s lives, isn’t it? That’s not necessarily a bad thing, there are many good reasons why our culture developed these taboos, but when you strip all those away and look at it coldly and clinically, a man’s life is worth just as much as a woman’s, right? There has always been an accommodation and sacrifice made there, women can produce children therefore women are protected and defended to preserve the continuation of the species. Many of these Fems do not realize that, cannot see the inherent inequality and unfairness of it all. Men get the short end of the stick in that equation and do die in higher numbers IRL and in video games.


      2. The thing with games is, men are getting killed in them with ratio of 1.000.000:1 compared to women and these idiots are screeching about few women that are potentially virtually harmed. If they want equal representation, then I’m expecting to see female enemy soldiers as well that get gunned down in millions, just like men already are. That’s equality and equal representation in my book. But no, as soon as you do that, it’s not equal representation anymore, it’s misogyny (Anita Sarkeesian is especially pushing this crap). Like WTF, make up your minds already what you want. You can’t have a cake and eat it. As simple as that.


    1. Are we expendable? It’s how society made us, it’s not necessarily a biological thing.

      On one end everyone is shouting how women need protecting and saving the first when things go to shits and on the other end feminists are shouting how women are no damsels in distress and that they can resolve all the problems by themselves.

      Of course they choose to be damsels in distress when it fits them and scream omg emancipation when everything is OK and no one needs any problem solving or help. Seeing how awfully inconsistent they are at demands, I wonder what the hell they even want…


    1. I was mainly talking about single player even though I’ve included few multiplayer games. I haven’t played latest CoD’s or BF’s online so I don’t know. But I know I haven’t met a single female enemy soldier in single player campaigns…


      1. While there are zero female enemies in COD/BF, there are a few female soldiers in the single player campaign of COD 4. The troop chopper pilot and the Cobra pilot “Deadly” were women.


      2. But those are on your side and you can’t really actively engage them. I know it’s misogyny and all that shit if a female pilot goes down, because it was purposely crafted for it to be a female that dies, but you have no saying in what happens to those women, so that doesn’t count.


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