Fallout Shelter is sexist and misogynistic

This one will be a bit longer, but I still won’t cover it under Political Correctness because its just so much stupid from twitter it just belongs here. I’m not even going to bother to archive.is these tweets, there is no way on Earth anyone would make up this much of condensed stupid and pour it into tweets. XD


When woman has drastic mood swings, is hysterical and irrational due to fluctuations in hormone levels, it’s not reinforcing of sexist ideas, it’s just how female body behaves in large majority of cases when it is pregnant. It’s not harmful, it’s not sexist, it’s just how it is and it doesn’t affect just humans, same can be observed with animals as well. And when you require a certain type of consistency and behavior at work, sometimes things like this aren’t wanted. Just like it’s not wanted for me to argue with customers, just like it’s not wanted for me to browse on my phone constantly during work time and just how it’s not wanted for me to treat customers badly just because I have a bad day. Also, academic, peer-reviewed citation needed on how it “reinforces” anything. You’re just asserting it does, but we won’t just “Listen & Believe”…


How is it “super troubling”? It’s a fucking game with a comedy factor. But just like McIntosh, you had fun once. And it was problematic. Of course the primary way to progress is impregnation of women. Have you missed the game title? It’s FALLOUT SHELTER, meaning the world has gone to shits and it’s up to few people from the Vaults to repopulate the world. I also love your twisting of words there. It’s not “increasing population”, it’s “impregnation of women”, like it’s a rape simulator (which it isn’t) or something. Besides, have you missed The Sims games from 15 years ago? They too required you to make a baby in order to progress further at one point. In later games it even became an integral part of the gameplay because that’s how you made several generations of your Sims. Again, academic, peer-reviewed citation needed on how is this “super troubling” and how it affects real women (or people in general for that matter).


We’ve already established that hormone levels do affect behavior of women during pregnancy. It’s not a stereotype or something I made up. It’s scientifically proven that hormone level changes affect behavior. So, we are talking about facts here. How are facts harmful? Also, how is running away from danger a bad thing? Like any living thing, self preservation is an integral part of our life. More for some, less for others, but we all without exceptions strive for survival in one way or another. It’s wired in our instinct. Again, scientifically proven. Flailing their hands around, for god sake, it’s a game with comedy factor. People also run around, make funny screams and jump away in a comedy fashion in an old game Midtown Madness when you try to hit them with a car. It’s called a “comedy factor”. Something anyone knows what it is, but it’s not like you have fun often or anything…


Oh my god. Stop using gaming/games terminology if you don’t even understand what it means. Childbirth in Fallout Shelter is NOT a game mechanic, it’s an end result of a game mechanic. Game mechanic is to try to get a lady to fancy you, flirt with her and then make babies with her to repopulate an apocalyptic desolate world. It’s a simplistic comedy game to waste time when bored, it’s not meant to be a fucking child birth simulator for education of real medical staff. Jesus Christ, how much stupid can you compress into 140 characters!? Again, I love your way of twisting words yet again, portraying women as these helpless creatures getting savagely impregnated by men in order to produce an army of babies and how this dehumanizes them into baby factories.


Dear Anita, this is how you see this game. How everyone else see it is that it’s a comedy game where men and women flirt with each other, have sex and make babies. There are no hidden messages, no hidden agenda, no hidden sexism, no hidden perpetuation of anything. It’s just a fucking game to waste time. But like everything else, we know you and your pal Jonathan McIntosh have enormous problems separating fictional things from reality…

Sure, games affect us too. Just like every single event in our life, be it positive or negative. But the level at which games affect us have been proven by academic, peer-reviewed science to be negligible or in some cases even more beneficial than anything else.

Stop using words like: “sexist idea”, perpetuates, reinforces, “super troubling” and dehumanizing if you don’t provide ANY academic evidence to back up those words and claims. If it’s troubling for you and not for everyone else, that is your problem and your problem alone. Stop making it like it has to be a problem of everyone else too.

At this point I will quote a very smart man Christopher Hitchens and his even more famous Hitchens’s razor:

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

The burden of evidence is not on us to prove the games are not sexist and misogynistic, the burden of evidence is on the accuser. Yes, YOU Anita Sarkeesian. So stop throwing around assertions and start providing academic evidence to back up your empty claims.

World science studies all the most bizarre things one would never think anyone ever bothered to study, so there is absolutely no reason for you not to provide academic evidence to back our claims. And no, citing your own article as academic evidence is not a proof of anything. We are waiting…

11 thoughts on “Fallout Shelter is sexist and misogynistic

  1. I play and enjoy this game, but there are distinctly unequal aspects about the genders in the gameplay.

    Outfits: Why the hell are there gender specific outfits? Why can’t the female dwellers wear the ninja outfit? Why can’t my best wasteland explorer (who happens to be female) wear the awesome Minuteman Uniform? Someone on the internet made a list. There are 7 female specific outfits and 23 male specific outfits. Question mark.

    The pregnancy mechanic forces gender roles: When a woman in Fallout Shelter is pregnant, she runs from danger. Without exception. Here’s the thing you’re missing, RejZoR. “Without exception.” If it was random or if there was a meter or if it depended on a SPECIAL stat to see how likely a dweller will flee danger, sure, that’d be awesome. But if it is 100% all the time, then we take it as fact that pregnant women will flee danger, then in the spirit of efficient gameplay, we’ll never arm our female dwellers part of the time. No such problems with the male dwellers.

    Well, enough about the game. Time to get personal. I’m looking at you, RejZoR.

    Don’t mansplain. It does no credit to our gender. Here I am assuming you’re a man, because honestly, you sound like someone that takes ideas like “gender equality” (or just plain equality) for granted. Never had to think about it much, I’m guessing.

    Also, your logic is faulty. You are asking Feminist Frequency to provide citations for well known stereotypes. Science. If you’re going to invoke science, then you should cite it. Onus on you for that. She uses game terminology correctly. Don’t use the term “everyone else” as if everyone else actually is on your side. We’re not.

    And finally, I’d like to give you the slowest slow clap I can possible muster. Well done tearing apart Tweets. Because we all know how much depth we can go into in 140 characters.

    In conclusion, I’d like to quote Christopher Hitchens right back at you.

    “I had become too accustomed to the pseudo-Left new style, whereby if your opponent thought he had identified your lowest possible motive, he was quite certain that he had isolated the only real one. This vulgar method, which is now the norm and the standard in much non-Left journalism as well, is designed to have the effect of making any noisy moron into a master analyst.”


    1. No, the thing is, FemFreq (Anita Sarkeesian) manages to compress unbelievable amounts of stupidity and ignorance into only 140 characters. And yet she can extrapolate that stupidity into a 400 pages as well… The capacity of a medium is not a limiting factor for her.

      And here is a point where I’m someone who works with computers, someone who knows quite a lot about the witchcraft inside the computers, have actually designed games, have worked on them, I know how things actually operate, something where Anita has absolutely ZERO clue and she has displayed her lack of knowledge so many times it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s absolute ignorance and more likely, intentional cherry picking to run her crusade against games that she dislikes (which means pretty much all of them).

      Fallout Shelter is a mobile game. And while smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, it’s still a very limiting factor. And even if hardware is enough, the input method isn’t. Mouse and keyboard vs touch screen, you can see where I’m going). And as such you can’t possibly stuff everything politically correct into the games designed for those devices. Hell, you can’t do it or shall I say it’s financially not feasible on 50 times faster hardware in PC’s… And lastly, the game is a parody of their main Fallout series which are a lot more seriously portrayed, though still just an arcade-ish adventure in a post apocalyptic world. It is not meant to realistically reflect the human society. It’s just a game. Even more so a fictional game, because if you look through the window, there is no post nuke barren world. Fiction. And fiction can be whatever it wants to be and no one should care. Because it’s FICTION. No game, not even the most hardcore simulators that try to mimic everything to perfection are ever “perfect”. So, why is she pretending that Fallout Shelter is some sort of hardcore survival simulator where it’s very much clear that it isn’t?

      Why should we care if pregnant women are flailing around with their hands, running around in panic when fire emerges? This is what I’ve been always saying and I’ll say it again.

      Don’t be scared of people who openly like violent games or games that are sexist per Anita’s standards. Be afraid of people like Anita who are so deluded into their own self-right that they are unable to separate fictional, imaginary games from real world. These are the kind of people you should stay away. And quite frankly, I am scared of them. Every gamer I’ve interacted with had perfectly separated mind between games and real life. Anita on the other hand takes everything in games so seriously it actually scares me.


    2. Or the pregnant women flee to PROTECT THE BABY FROM SAVAGE RAIDERS, MONSTER MURDER BUGS AND FIRE. If that doesn’t make sense to you, you are living in an ideological bubble on nonsense.

      I’m sorry life evolved the way it did on this planet, and one gender carries the baby to term, but some days you need to accept objective reality as it is.

      And have you seen a women in her third trimester? Not exactly going to be winning any fighting titles.

      Christopher Hitchen would laugh in your face.


      1. THANK YOU TT3 Holy crap!
        I was sitting here reading all this and thinking..
        “Is anyone even considering the PHYSICAL aspect of being pregnant here at all?”

        Lets ignore the “hormonal aspect” for a second and just use some common sense here. I mean come on, as single blow to the stomach could mean the end of her baby, she is more vulnerable and slower due to carrying such a burden…

        If you ask me, the fact that she can even WORK while pregnant says A LOT more about her ability to endure than anything else.

        Stress.. radiation… smoke… bloodthirsty raiders. Do any of these things sound like something that wouldn’t cause risk to the child a woman is carrying?

        The fact that anyone even thought this was worth arguing is a big bag of condensed stupidity itself.


    3. The fact that you even try to defend this demonstrates that your as brain dead as he is.

      Any woman who does NOT run away from such dangers is a woman not worthy of having a child.

      Thats like taking a photo while your child is being attacked.

      You people are so lost in political correct crap while pushing forward feminists war on FEMININITY (Yes you read that right)

      Feminists are at war with anything that is naturally female and contrary to the male sex. They want to be men; they want our roles. And no one is telling them that they can’t. But that’s not good enough, they want to be TREATED like men. Any difference inherent from their female roots is scorned and straw manned as some sort of illusion created by us men.

      It is no surprise that in light of their self righteous attempt to shove their bullshit down people’s throats, they seem to have no TRUE empathy for a pregnant woman; focusing only on the psychological aspects that may or may not occur and using to support their narrative while completely ignoring the PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF A PREGNANT WOMAN AND THE RESULTING LIMITATIONS. Jesus christ.

      They are at war with the healthy, fit woman, and sympathize with the self entitled, biased and gender/sexually confused women that promote hate under the banner of “equality.”


    4. Thank you for mentioning outfits in the first part of your comment.

      I have some points to clarify:

      [a] One point against both @femfreq and the blog’s author.
      [b] One point specifically about @femfreq, who, in my opinion, did not understand the game is a satire of the 50s.
      [c] Yet, even considering [a] and [b], gender disparity still annoys me… and not because of gender diversity, but mainly because one gender has access to more options than the other.

      Let’s get back to my former points.

      ### a. Pregnant women’s behaviour is sexist ###

      “The sexist idea that pregnant women are hysterical”
      “When woman has drastic mood swings”

      Both blog’s author and @femfreq miss the point of Fallout Shelter completely. Even the blog’s author naturalistic defence of hysteria is irrelevant to the topic.

      Women in FS are super-reliable at work. They just flee when there is danger *because* they have to protect the baby. It is as simple as that. If they flail their hands when fleeing… it is similar to people dying with crosses instead of their eyes. As the blog’s author said: it’s comedy. You don’t need to draw on hormones to explain this.

      Women’s working behaviour is as efficient as males and other non-pregnant women. But when raiders storm the shelter, pregnant women run into hiding instead of fighting back and taking bullets into their wombs.
      I argue that had they fought back, it would have been super cool, but other people would have complained about violence on women.

      ### b. It’s satire, my dear @femfreq ###

      “The pregnancy mechanics in Fallout Shelter are super troubling. The primary way to progress is to impregnate as many women as possible”.

      Welcome to a game which is a satire of American society from the 50s.

      ### c. So, is Fallout Shelter still sexist? Yes. ###

      It is still sexist because of the outfits, not because of pregnancy. The pregnancy system is a mockery of what people in the 50s expected to be doing in a post-apocalyptic world, so I have no issues with it.

      Instead, I think there are over-inflated gender disparities in the outfits that make the game mechanics annoying.
      1. Some outfits are unisex (e.g vault suit)
      2. Some outfits change according to the wearer’s sex (e.g. formal clothes)
      3. Some outfits are available to male only characters, even though they are mere upgrades of basic unisex suits (e.g. survivor outfit is an upgrade of leather armour, but whereas the latter is wearable by anybody, the survivor one is wearable by males only — WTF?).
      4. Males have access to more outfits than female, all things considered (Female have their own unique outfits: movie fan outfit, republic robes, etc.; but they are way less than male’s outfit: sci-fi fan, horror fan [it’s a f***ing mask, come on! Anybody can wear it], sports fan, survivor outfit, knight armour, nobleman outfit, medieval ruler, pope, rags, etc.).

      I find this game mechanic so annoying. I see a point in having “kids never die” and “preggos never die” rules… for the sake of decency and comedy, we are not unloading guns on kids and pregnant women. Fair enough.

      But the outfit disparity? That’s insane.

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  2. First, Just as a question. Hypothetically, if you’re pregnant, and at work, and there is a fire. Do you stay inside and grab the fire extinguishet, or do you let the other people handle it and go outside? Personally, as a male, I’d choose the latter. Why risk the baby? Secondly, my pregnant dwellers are always armed. Even with high numbers of pregnancies, you should have enough weapons to go around. Thirdly, children also always run away from danger as well. In fallout 3, there’s an entire settlement of armed to the teeth children. But you mistake the context of the action. In the context of “this vault is to ensure the survival of the human race, it makes sense to protect unborn children from danger. The logic being that the child is more important than the 1-5 adults who stay to clean up the mess. While this is lost because of the fact that dwellers don’t age, the logic remains valid.


  3. If you think about it, though…

    Running around screaming madly with arms flailing is really the only appropriate response to seeing a cockroach or mole rat the size of a large dog. In reality, the pregnant women and children are the only sane human beings left.


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