Tauriq Moosa, the man who knows nothing


Ladies and gentlemen, I present you This Tweet in Stupid from Tauriq Moosa. A “gaming journalist” from Polygon.

Anyone noticed everything wrong with his tweet? It’s like being a doctor and knowing basically nothing about human anatomy. Or being a chef with basically no knowledge on how to even boil an egg. Or being a car mechanic with basically no knowledge about cars…

And even if you’re really this blunt and uninterested in the trade you’re doing, at least fucking keep it to yourself and learn it in the meanwhile!?

But there are more gems from him, like this one…


The saying: “PC Master Race” has NOTHING to do with actual race of people. But since you know NOTHING about anything related to games or PC’s, I kinda understand why you think this way. PC Master Race means superiority of PC users over console users, because we can tweak games more, use mods, fiddle with them, upgrade them, improve them further. And it’s not even anything serious. It’s more of an internal joke of the PC gamers as a whole than anything. You can be white, black, Asian, otter or even a space alien, if you’re using a console, you’re less of a gamer than if you use PC (while being any of that as well). You can be black PC user and you can say that you’re superior to a white person owning just a console. That is what PC Master Race is. But hey, make it about actual race, you racists… :facepalm:

Even I joke about it here and there and I also own a PlayStation 2 and I’m not ashamed to admit it. i bought it because of amazing exclusives like Burnout 3, Revenge and Dominaton. And also Gran Turismo 4. But my primary gaming platform is still a PC. Thus, I’m a proud member of the PC Master Race.

Why is there always this constant need to make races a focal point? It’s not “progressive”, it’s stupid, counter productive and it’s starting to make me racist just by listening to constant whining of these narrow minded idiots.

And in the end he quit Twitter while screaming along with other SJW’s how #GamerGate is attacking him because he’s not white and makes it a racial thing again. No one was attacking him because of his race, we were calling him out on his moronic (and to a degree even unethical) statements, which are rather self evident. You’re supposedly a gaming journalist for fucks sake, start acting like one.

1 thought on “Tauriq Moosa, the man who knows nothing

  1. LOL! Oh good grief! You make several valid points. A game journalist that knows little about gaming? Who also knows little about words and terminology? Who also apparently knows little about culture? So should one be a “gaming journalist” when one has no knowledge of any of these things? Probably not.


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