.NET Framework 3.5 error 0x80071A90 during installaton

You’ve probably come here because you were trying to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8.1 and it kept on failing with this silly error, right?


There are some resources on this one online from uninstalling certain updates that aren’t actual anymore to other hacks, but the one that worked for me and is worth giving it a try is just temporarily pausing the antivirus, installing the .NET Framework and resuming it again. In my case it was avast! Antivirus Free, but considering the number of these errors found online, it probably isn’t limited to avast! only.

Because you are disabling antivirus, make sure you only use .NET Framework installer from a trusted source that is digitally signed by Microsoft Corporation. Like the one on link below (goes to official Microsoft webpage).

.NET Framework 3.5 installer from Microsoft webpage

47 thoughts on “.NET Framework 3.5 error 0x80071A90 during installaton

  1. Thanks ALOT!
    Same problem; avast! blocked the installation (but did not show any messages).
    Tried a 10 minute pause and et voilà, it works!

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    1. Then it must be something else interrupting access to the files. Could be any other security software or system software that is related to file system access.


    2. Dude, they said to simply turn off the sheilds for a moment for one, which is done by right clicking the avast logo in the lower right corner of your screen. You weren’t suppose to uninstall it. Number two, this is specifically for 0x80071A90 not 0x80070490.

      You should have read everything before proceeding with the processes.


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