Logitech gaming keyboards for 2015 are rubbish

I was in a need for a new keyboard. My 3rd generation of Logitech UltraX started acting funny with certain keys because I simply wore them out with usage. And since Logitech is not selling them anymore, I had to look for alternative options.

So, I’ve said to myself, I spend so much time in front of a PC, I already own the highest end Logitech gaming mouse money can buy, why not invest same kind of money into a proper high end mechanical keyboard that will serve my needs with perfection.

And this is the point where things went very, very wrong…

I like Logitech gear. I had 3 UltraX keyboards in a row because I liked them so much. I have a 4th generation of Logitech mouse, the G502, I also have Logitech G230 headset. Clearly I’m not a hater of Logitech gear. But from this point on, I might sound like I am one, because Logitech disappointed me on the whole line.

They brag about mechanical switches used in keyboards, all the precision, feedback, mechanical superiority blablabla. But when I touched the keys, they ALL felt like they’ll fall out any second. And when keys are all wobbly and cheap feeling on a product that costs as much as 199€, you start to wonder what the fuck happened there.

It was even worse when I tried lower end products like Genius Imperator. It’s a cheap gaming keyboard from a maker that isn’t exactly what a hardcore gamer thinks of first and it had rather solid keys. They weren’t wobbly, they didn’t even feel like they’ll fall out any moment. The keyboard that I then actually bought, the Cherry Stream XT, same thing. It cost me 30€ and it has nearly zero wobble when you poke the keys. They just go in straight vertical motion, they don’t rattle, they don’t wobble, they are placed there with precision. Sure, it’s not fancy mechanical, it’s using membrane contacts, but they made it better than (apparently) overrated mechanical ones.

I’ve tested Logitech G105 (membrane), G710+ (mechanical) and G910 Orion Spark (mechanical) and they all felt like absolute junk. I’d have to be insane and had to be already drunk from 2 liters of strongest moonshine to say, yes, I want that 199€ keyboard with wobbly keys that have idiotically shaped upper surface/edge. I was like WTF, people actually buy this poor quality garbage? Sorry Logitech, I wouldn’t pay even 50€ for any of them. They felt that bad.

Logitech, if you charge 199€ for a keyboard, I expect such expensive product to have rock solid keys that have only one job. To go up and down in a precise vertical motion. Not to the left or right side, not forward or backwards. Vertical with zero side motion. If the mechanical switches are wobbly by design, then surround them with a support mechanism that disallows that without compromising the feedback or the feel. One would expect that in 2015, multimillion companies would know how to deal with that. But apparently they don’t. or they aren’t even willing because people buy them en mass regardless. So, why bother, right?

And you know things are bad if I was willing to spend even as high as 199€ for a keyboard and then decided for a 30€ membrane based Cherry keyboard. Logitech, do your shit right, I know you people know how to make great gear, but what I’ve seen with the above mentioned keyboards, absolutely horrendous, poor, lazy, low quality products. Don’t do this shit ever again!

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