Twisting gender statistics with colors…


This fancy graph makes you believe only 9% of games have playable FEMALE character.

Lets look at the statistics twisting of “feminists” again. Breaking down this fancy graphic reveals things are far from bad for the gender diversity in games… Nice selection of pink for the FEMALE entry btw. Makes it stand out nicely…

13% of games have NO MALE/FEMALE protagonists (animal characters, racing games, strategy games etc)

9% have FEMALE only protagonists

32% have MALE only protagonists

46% allows player to play as EITHER MALE OR FEMALE

Now here comes the fun part which is simply ignored on the fancy graph because it kinda destroys the diversity narrative. Anita, you’re rubbish at math…

55% of games give you playable FEMALE protagonist

78% of games give you playable MALE protagonist

So, you can play as female protagonist in more than half of the games and “feminists” like Anita Sarkeesian find this to be largely “problematic”. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you want? Do you want 100% of protagonists to be female ONLY because that will somehow make things more diverse? Do you want to impose retarded gender quotas in games as well just so we meet that artificial sweet spot of 50:50? Do you want to make all games gender insignificant by making protagonists male or female selectable, removing any possibility to make a strong story driven game? Sure, in most cases it doesn’t matter, because the game is generic and you can just throw in either, but when you want to build a game with story that creates a whole new universe, then you create a massive problem with that. The story needs consistency, needs to draw parallel lines with our real world even if it’s fictional, because that fires up emotional part of our mind and it’s very difficult to make that if everything is generic and interchangeable. But you wouldn’t know anything about that since you’re neither a game developer or a gamer…

Sure there is 23% difference in favor of male protagonists, but let’s be serious here, that’s hardly an “alarming” difference.

Also another fun statistical number to finish this off…

100% of games don’t have to be bought if you don’t like them 🙂

2 thoughts on “Twisting gender statistics with colors…

  1. While I appreciate your commentary on this subject, I generally stay away from jumping in on these topics to avoid further credence toward the attention con men such as the one mentioned here.

    The only tragedy of this nonsense is that it has gaming execs quaking in their flip flops. Next thing you know, Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime is sweating at a press conference to reveal “Thrallyn” to the word, a female Orc shaman trapped in a male frame. :/


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