Violent games are not “killing simulators”

How many times do we have to hear this pile of nonsense? Every time a violent game is released, everyone go mad about them, calling them “killing simulators” and “murder simulators” and how they teach young boys to commit mass killings.

This shit happens every single bloody time. Now, it is about game named Hatred. A “violent” game that is so violent they’ve banned it from everywhere. It started with Steam which later apologized and reinstated it, to Twitch streaming service which is still banning it (but doesn’t mind streams of Postal 2 or Soldier of Fortune which are like 500 gazillion times more brutal and cruel).

Now, lets clear something up. No game, no matter how detailed and realistic it is, is NOT a simulator of anything, especially not “murder” or “killing” simulators. Sure, they depict deaths in what looks like realistic way, but to get to that point, it’s absolutely ridiculous to call it “a simulator”. Emulator maybe and even that is a very generous statement…

How can people equate pressing of “R” key on keyboard to reloading of lets say real AK-47 assault rifle? How exactly a game teaches kids to reload real rifles when they press “R” key to reload them? Or teach how to use them? Granted, I’ve never fired a real rifle in my life (if I exclude lead pellet rifles and paintball), but I like to educate myself, because weapons do interest me, I just don’t have any real interest in using them on real people.

Real weapons have safety locks, you need to manually pull back the spring (before the first fire), ammo cartridges (clips or magazines, depending on where you come from) have to be attached in a specific way and lets don’t forget you have to hold the rifle properly, otherwise you’ll do more damage to yourself than to the target. And we haven’t even come to the fact you need to know how to aim and how to manage the recoil/kickback in order to actually hit anything.

Now, please, tell me which game teaches you all this to every specific detail? It just doesn’t. In games, when you run out of bullets, game auto-reloads it or you have to press “R” key for reload. The rest is done automatically by the game. Sorry, but “simulators” don’t do stuff automatically. They are called simulators because they simulate real behavior and this just isn’t real behavior. If anything, people learn how to use weapons because, guess what, MOVIES show it far more detailed than any game ever. And because humans are intelligent beings, capable of learning things. You can give me something that is a brand new weapon, without telling me how to operate it and I’ll learn it by myself in a matter of minutes…

Now, lets move forward. In Hatred, you can take like 20 hits before you even lose health to a point of being slightly worried. Anyone who ever played proper simulators like Rainbow 6 (and I’m being generous again because I know R6 ain’t a proper simulator either) games, knows that only 1 or two bullets are enough to send you sleeping with the fishes. Hell, even in CounterStrike games that are arcade-ish, you need just 1 well aimed hit and you’re dead. Guess what, in real life, you can also die by only one bullet. Even if you have body armor, because there is still head and other vital body parts like aorta in legs and arms. One hit by a bullet there and you’ll bleed to death. But hey, you roam the neighborhoods in hatred like a rambo, gunning down hordes of people and cops. And lets don’t forget how you heal yourself. Not by using bandages, medkits/first aid (which is not realistic in any way to begin with). Nope. You heal yourself by doing executions. Yeah, just like in real world! Oh wait, that’s not how healing works in real life…

And lastly, it’s a third person fantasy shooter. You observe “yourself” from a bird’s eye perspective, meaning you’re just observing someone guided by your fingers do the “massacre” of pixels and polygons. Yup, you haven’t guessed it. The “people” you “kill” in games are not real people. When will all these puritans finally get it in their thick skulls that no person ever actually dies or gets harmed?! What these idiots are doing is demanding human rights to bunch of pixels and polygons that make up the game world and characters.

We are constantly getting accused of not being able to separate fiction from reality where in fact it is them who are not able to understand that characters made of god damn polygons and pixels don’t have feelings, they don’t feel pain, they don’t feel fear, they don’t have families, no one will miss them if they are gone and the weapons don’t shoot real bullets and grenades don’t make real explosions, because they are god damn FICTION in a digital game. THEY DO NOT EXIST!!!


Damn it.


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