Paid game mods and failed logic behind it

So, Valve added option for modders to sell their mods. People instantly took it and mostly made bunch of stupid crappy reskins in a hope to make a quick buck. The main problem that happens here is that you get community flooded with stupid useless crap and causes proper modders to simply disappear in the flood of (below) average crappy mods, making it even harder for proper dedicated modders to earn a buck they really deserve.

Then there was an outrage that this would ruin the existing modding community that works just fine as it is and Valve took it down. Lets face it, majority of the best mods and total conversions are done absolutely free of charge as a hobby for someone who just wants to create cool new stuff and be rewarded with a “mod cred” as I call it. That sensation when people adore your creation and can’t stop playing it and talking about it. It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that you’ve contributed something to the community (and which feeling I know as a compatibility patcher who delivers compatibility patches for certain games free of charge).

But here is something I haven’t seen being mentioned by anyone, anywhere…

They’ve introduced the “BUY” button for the mods. Why haven’t they considered option “DONATE” instead?

Modders are scattered all over the internet under various communities dedicated to specific games. Unite them under one massive platform like Steam and give them simple foundation on which they can deliver mods to gamers and also get donations through it in an easy way without dealing with all the hassle to establish the “Donate me” thing on their own webpage?

Imagine, modding community wouldn’t really change much from what it has always been, but gamers would be able to DONATE any amount they desire to the modder (and a small cut from that to the Valve for providing the platform). Wouldn’t this be more convenient and fair for everyone?

Anyone could use the mods so nothing would really change from the current state of modding communities, but when you have a DONATE button just a click away, it becomes a habit for people to donate, especially if the mods are really cool (Black Mesa Source springs to my mind). And I think this model would work really well, far better than the one they just canceled…

What do you think about my idea? Would DONATE instead of BUY be a better option for a modding community platform?


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