DenverComicCon will kick out visitors with GamerGate T-Shirts

Ok, the shirtstorm, sorry, shitstorm is happening again. After fiasco at Calgary Expo and peaceful (but with the wrong opinions) Honey Badger Brigade was unjustly kicked out, here comes Denver ComiCon which will kick out or demand people to change their T-shirt if they’ll be wearing a GamerGate logo/insignia/slogans. You don’t believe it? Here is a Twitter screencap of user who asked official ComiCon Twitter account…


So, all these cons and expos are now banning and kicking out ANYTHING GamerGate related, because they’ve been reading Wikipedia too much on the GamerGate matters (hint, Wikipedia’s article on GamerGate is absolutely drowning in lies and false information)? Apparently. Because for fucks sake, GamerGate is about ethics in gaming journalism. And if you’re so fucking ignorant that after 8 months and several major victories and changes regarding disclosures, they are still going the “GamerGate is a hate group” bullshit. Really? Really Denver ComiCon?

And check this out. GamerGate logos and slogans are not allowed, but you can freely cosplay a Nazi soldier with swastikas and everything for extra authenticity. Because hey, Nazis were totally nice chaps right? Jews and 3/4 of the Europe might disagree but hey, who cares right, it’s the spirit of the ComiCon that counts…


Anyone feeling the hypocrisy already? It’s also so god damn ironic that all these conventions are banning everything related to GamerGate which is for ethics and against censorship and conventions violate/breach exactly that by kicking them out. Kicking out a peaceful visitor because his beliefs don’t align with someone else is hate and discrimination and they are positioning “double G gamepad” above Nazi Swastika on the hate scale. Are they mad on meth? Also sole act of kicking someone out because of that is censorship. Dear Denver ComiCon, you’re violating your very OWN policy.

Lets make a quick reminder what GamerGate has achieved so far…

GamerGate forced hostile and bigoted writers to quit big gaming journalism establishments, GamerGate enforced relationships and connections disclosures between journalists and developers, GamerGate has raised 6 digit in fund-raisers for various charities including feminist group that encourages and supports women to join game development (TFYC), we openly support minorities in gaming and game development with the help of a sister hashtag #NotYourShield, we openly support and defend game developers so they can freely and without restrictions create whatever content they desire and yet we, the GamerGate supporters are hateful people? C’mon, get your heads out of your own asses and open your eyes and stop listening to the general media who is smearing our reputation with lies and false information for 8 months and still counting. GamerGate is a group of people who has done so much good and yet everyone is portraying us as monsters and bigots and not a single person seems to question SJW (Social Justice Warriors) agenda when they stick their smelly noses into every single freaking thing in this world and want to ban it and censor it on every step. And these bigoted SJW’s are doing just that by infecting and infesting conventions with their narrow minded authoritarian minds, banning everyone and everything they even remotely dislike.

Organizers of the conventions, please stop listening to these SJW assholes and just allow people to wear GamerGate logos. I mean, we are the ones who support exactly what these conventions do and yet WE are the ones getting kicked out and banned. Sorry, I just don’t get your logic…

2 thoughts on “DenverComicCon will kick out visitors with GamerGate T-Shirts

  1. It seems that DenverComiCon has retracted the message and are for now open for GamerGate logos and slogans (well, at least they aren’t openly banning them even before they are present on the convention itself).

    Though we are talking about other “security” concerns as we speak regarding all that in relation to radical SJW’s that might cause problems under pretense of being a GamerGate supporter. But then again, if there will be ANY radicals present there, be it a SJW’s, trolls or a too eager GamerGater who doesn’t know manners, then they aren’t part of us and they cannot be connected to us in any way, because we openly discourage any kind of harassment on conventions or aggressive spreading of our message. This kind of stuff does not belong on conventions/expos where other people not even aware of the situation are also present.

    Also, if there will be any conflicts initiated by the SJW mob, I hope Denver ComiCon will be more reasonable and willing to discuss things and not just kick people out without any explanation or real evidence, solely based on hearsay (again, most likely initiated by the SJW hate mob like on CalgaryExpo).


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