Killing Floor 2 Early Access going live on 2015-04-21 !

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for quite some time. The Early Access release of sequel to absolutely amazing Killing Floor game.

Original Killing Floor started as a mod for UT2004, but then evolved into a standalone game. And while it shows its age through graphics engine, it’s still one of the most fun and exciting co-op games. It even surpass Left 4 Dead in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, L4D is still a really cool game, but Killing Floor just has that special feel with character perking, loads of weapons and waves and waves of tougher and tougher enemies.

To spice things up, Tripwire released several seasonal updates. I remember one winter, it was Christmas time. It was literally magical. I was playing with bunch of people from god knows where from all over the world on an Ice Cave map, Zed corpses flying all over the place, Xmas music playing in the background, having tons of fun. I know this will sound really weird, but it was one of the most memorable Christmases I’ve ever had. And this wasn’t the only event. They also run one in the summer and another one in autumn, around the Halloween time. Always delivering new unique map and totally redesigned monsters + bringing new weapons and characters so you can pimp yourself out and be cool. Sometimes as a payable character, other times as a reward for doing the sometimes crazy ridiculous achievements.

It’s this awesome relation between developers, content, players and the whole community making this game a success. Killing Floor is one of the oldest games on Steam that still has one of the most active community/player base even after all these years.

Killing Floor 2 on Steam Store

Live gameplay with TotalBiscuit and Tripwire developer:

My initial impressions?

I know it’s Early Access, but from what I’ve seen in the above video, the game is already incredibly polished and has very little bugs. It’s built on top of highly modified Unreal Engine 3 with some of the Unreal Engine 4 features ported back to it. It looks amazing and like TotalBiscuit said, the feel of the weapons was one of the biggest features in the original game. Thy felt really good and you just wanted to use them. A lot. That’s why focus like this makes sense. They are now taking this like 5 levels higher with high framerate animations that look absolutely ridiculous (in a positive sense). The way how monsters and their corpses interact with the world is also awesome and the gore, well that’s just beyond ridiculous. You can almost paint the entire level in blood and guts. I also love how they expanded perks, because perking in original, while it was frustrating at times, it was greatly rewarding and was constantly pushing you to play more and more. And the community was so awesome, if you had to perk something specific, people ALWAYS assisted the best they could. And if community will be even half as good as with the original game, KF2 will be a huge success. With modded servers and new awesome pimped characters to unlock and/or buy, it will be freaking amazing.

Sure it will lack some content in Early Access and there won’t be all perks available at first, but who cares. I just want moar of this coz it’s so freaking awesome!!!

Can’t wait for tomorrow, it’s gonna be maaaaad and gory! 😀

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