Saving Private Badger

This will be a collection of evidence regarding unjustful ban of the Honey Badger Brigade from the Calgary Expo. If you have archived links, images, recordings, anything useful, please provide them either here or through my Twitter.

First news about the incident:

Response from founder of Honey Badger Radio, Alison Tieman:

Full recording of panel at which Honey Badger Brigade supposedly caused the horrible interruption (from 18:30 onwards):

CalgaryExpo claims Honey Badger Brigade didn’t register as Honey Badger Brigade even though CalgaryExpo still lists them under this very name!


“Infiltration” promo message from Honey Badger Brigade heavily misunderstood:
What this message says is that they ARE those nerds already and that they are planning to “infiltrate” the Expo through years and years of training as these nerdy games, movies and comics lovers. CalgaryExpo representatives apparently have a broken sarcasm detector, because they took it as a real hostile infiltration of someone who is pretending to be all that just to get in. Somehow…

Photo of the “offensive” Honey Badger Brigade booth:

How is standing against censorship and having “ethics” written on a banner offensive? How is GamerGate logo offensive? Since when has standing up for ethics an offensive thing?

Some idiot (it turns out it was Calgary Security staff) called police on them after they were already kicked out of the Expo while they were chilling in a nearby park (raw footage):


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