Men’s Rights Activism isn’t a supremacy evil cult

There is this negative association with MRA or Men’s Rights Activists floating around. When we talk about feminism (before the 3rd wave nonsense era at least), it is always taken as something good, a movement to resolve injustices towards women. Everyone cheers and applauds (with jazz hands) when we talk about feminism. And I agree. If there are issues, they need resolving. I respect that.

But things change dramatically when we switch the sides and introduce men’s rights movements into the conversations. And I didn’t really pay much attention to MRA’s messages (and I’m a man!) until feminists started throwing shit at them for merely existing and that’s when I really noticed them and seen that MRA messages and raising of awareness regarding issues that men face in real life go far beyond manspreading, mansplaining, man taking a piss standing up and other feminist bullshit they come up with lately. You know, all those really dumb petty issues for which you facepalm every time you hear them coming from feminist mouths…

Apparently there is this belief that MRA’s are these male supremacist shitlords who want even more privilege on top of all the privilege they already have (you know, the patriarchy). The reality is, there are in fact issues, serious issues men face and no one seems to give a flying fart about it because it’s “just” men. That’s rather sexist, discriminatory and simply filled with bigotry…

MRA try to raise awareness regarding problems like child custody bias in favor of women, forced child support even if the child is not even a genetic offspring of that man, male genital mutilation (circumcision) which is still not illegal unlike female genital mutilation, prison sentences that are drastically higher for men for the same crimes, rape laws where men can’t even be raped by a legal definition (to my surprise USA has changed that in 2012 I believe, but other countries still haven’t done that), very high suicide rates among men compared to women, work related deaths, high rates of homelessness among men and so on. Here are just few examples to get a taste of it, you can read more of them here:

Men’s Rights Movement Wiki

Now, if you look at the list, these aren’t some childish moronic issues like manspreading. They also aren’t about male supremacy, they not even level them with women in many cases, they just present them as stand alone issues that need resolving because they are affecting men exclusively or predominantly in a negative way. These are real struggles and issues men face and while I might not yet been affected by some of them or may never be affected by them in my life time, I’ve seen them happening around me, especially those around child custody among few others and that by itself is the reason why everyone should be open-minded when it comes to messages spoken by the MRA’s..

Don’t be one of those bigots and haters who attack MRA’s just because they are MRA’s. If you’re a feminist preaching about equality and then you decide and go and protest in front of one of the only two MRA centers in the USA (I think this is the right number), please stop and rethink your life values. Because you’ve fucked them up entirely. If you expect equality feminists demand, be a decent human being and allow MRA’s to present their observations, findings and other things related to male gender.

Why is there always this need for hostility towards MRA’s and the need to treat anyone who even slightly agrees with MRA’s like shit? Sure there are lunatics on both sides of the spectrum, but why don’t women present their issues and men present their issues and then we try to resolve them in relation to each other in a respectable way? I mean, isn’t that how you achieve closest equivalent to what equality should be?

4 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Activism isn’t a supremacy evil cult

  1. Great post. Couple of problems however, fems on the internet exist as these combative social justice warriors, and so many MRA’s follow suit. So what most people perceive as MRA is some guy shooting off that the mouth and the end of a twitter debate with someone who has been shrieking for hours. Those conditions don’t lend themselves well to good public relations.

    I do chat with many nice MRA’s , so who knows, if I can do it, perhaps others will too.

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    1. I frankly haven’t seen a single MRA person on the internet (OK I lied, I know one who might possibly be kinda MRA-ish on Youtube, he’s a bit radical sometimes, but he still makes some very valid points though), but have meet like trillions of really loony feminists. I’ve seen many being labeled as MRA simply for agreeing with their messages or simply ALSO defending men and not just women when it comes to kinda basic human rights. Including myself even though I’m not MRA, I just agree that there are really problems that only affect male gender and I got hit by a shitstorm of complaints and really pathetic attacks for that. And I was sitting there in front of my computer shocked that there actually are people who would deny men ANY ability to get help just because they are male and because of that they are automatically evil and shouldn’t get any help at all.

      But I felt the most disgusted when I’ve seen bunch of nazi feminists (yes, they were really behaving like nazi) protesting in front of a MRA center being opened simply because it was only for men and not for women as well (yeah I know, shocking revelation since it’s a fucking MRA center) despite them having the millionth feminist center in existence already. What the hell is wrong if there is a place where a man can walk to for a strictly male related advice, be it for family related issues, employment related issues, suicide prevention help, child custody legal assistance, shelter from an abusive female partner (they exist and there are pretty much no shelters for men for such cases) etc. If women have the right to have them without any objections, why shouldn’t men?

      If I’m honest there shouldn’t be a need for gender separate centers if you ask me and should simply be “human rights centers” where ANY person could walk to and get assistance on resolving their struggles, but I know very few feminists would agree to something like that. So that’s a futile thing from the beginning…

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