Game protagonists and self-identification with them…

I’ve been reading tweets, reading blog posts, reading news articles and there is this thing that I can’t understand at all regarding game protagonists.

There is this constant uproar by the crazy SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) lately over portrayal of protagonists in the games. If the game features a white male protagonist, that is somehow very reall crazy bad. If the game offers no gender or skin color selection, that is also very bad. They are also constantly obsessed with identification of protagonist under a certain sexual orientation banner. If the game doesn’t allow transgender as a gender, the world will collapse into itself. If itg only has a male character, baaaaad again. If it’s Jewish, it’s a problem, if it isn’t Jewish, it’s again a problem, portray someone under certain religion and I assure you, you’ll offend someone, somehow. And if you again decide to ignore it, you’ll be bad one again. There are just so many variables for which you cannot ever satisfy everyone. Ever. These SJW’s are particularly obsessed by this notion that you cannot self-identify with the game protagonist, if it’s of different gender or skin color than you are in real life. Which is in my personal opinion as a gamer with 20+ years of gaming history, a load of drivel.

What happens when game developers incorporate a protagonist that is NEITHER of those things? It’s not male or female, it’s not gay, lesbian or transgender, it has no skin color known to humans.

How do these nutters react or self identify with the protagonist when the ONLY protagonist available is a…



I’ve taken this screenshot from one of my favorite games. G-Force. As a player, I can self identify with any character easily. If the character is female, so be it. I don’t demand male protagonists just because I’m a man. In fact, up until now, it has NEVER EVER even crossed my mind to even be bothered by it. I bought the game and accepted whatever protagonist was in it, as myself. If the game delivers a guinea pig as a protagonist, I’ll self identify with it, “pretending” I’m a guinea pig doing all this crazy shit with jetpack, electric whip and a remote-controlled fly sidekick.

I can’t self identify with them directly because I’m not a guinea pig, obviously, but I let my imagination flow with the game content and so far the experience has always been amazing. I can be all these things I can’t possibly be in real life. I don’t demand or even want a copy of myself inside the game. There is no need for it in the first place. I have to be “me” all my life. That’s why I love games so much.

Why do we normal gamers have no problems self identifying with whatever character we get with the game and these angry SJW’s constantly bitch over everything, because there is not a protagonist of their very strictly specified characteristics (or a mirror image of them)?

I understand that not all gamers self identify with the protagonist and relive the protagonist’s experience in a more personal way, but they aren’t complaining over protagonist characteristics or personality either. They just play the games and enjoy them in whatever form or shape they get delivered to them for as long as it provides quality content.

Why can’t these angry SJW’s as well? Why? Is it because they aren’t really gamers, they don’t really play the games, they just want to unleash their anger and crazy ideologies onto someone?

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