Long study concludes, games do not cause sexism

Study title:
Sexist Games=Sexist Gamers? A Longitudinal Study on the Relationship Between Video Game Use and Sexist Attitudes.

Link to the abstract of this study:

Department of Psychology, University of Cologne , Cologne, Germany .

From the oversexualized characters in fighting games, such as Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, to the overuse of the damsel in distress trope in popular titles, such as the Super Mario series, the under- and misrepresentation of females in video games has been well documented in several content analyses. Cultivation theory suggests that long-term exposure to media content can affect perceptions of social realities in a way that they become more similar to the representations in the media and, in turn, impact one’s beliefs and attitudes. Previous studies on video games and cultivation have often been cross-sectional or experimental, and the limited longitudinal work in this area has only considered time intervals of up to 1 month. Additionally, previous work in this area has focused on the effects of violent content and relied on self-selected or convenience samples composed mostly of adolescents or college students. Enlisting a 3 year longitudinal design, the present study assessed the relationship between video game use and sexist attitudes, using data from a representative sample of German players aged 14 and older (N=824). Controlling for age and education, it was found that sexist attitudes-measured with a brief scale assessing beliefs about gender roles in society-were not related to the amount of daily video game use or preference for specific genres for both female and male players. Implications for research on sexism in video games and cultivation effects of video games in general are discussed.

Bottom line?
While we don’t have access to full study (yet), the abstract of this peer reviewed study from a reputable German university clearly explains that games do not cause sexism regardless of genre of the games, gender of players or the play time amount.

Dear Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh and other pseudo science “games cause sexism and misogyny” bull manure scammers, this is what we’ve been saying the entire time. Stop spreading lies, because no matter how many studies they’ll make, the conclusion will always be the same. GAMES ARE NOT THE REASON FOR SEXISM.

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