Cheating is NOT rape!

I’ve had an interesting chat on Twitter with a person who clearly thinks cheating your girlfriend is rape for that other girl.

The notion of this claim was that if someone already has girlfriend and has sex with another girl while claiming to this other girl that he is single, this in her eyes equals to rape. She called this “rape by deception“. You may want to read cases on that link and see how they are different from this one…

Now, of course I questioned her on what level does this qualify as rape and unfortunately she failed to deliver any real logical answers. She just made some more wild claims that making this other girl pregnant is also rape. LOL 😀 If you conceal an existing relationship, how exactly does this change anything for your current cheating sexual intercourse? It doesn’t if it was consensual. Also, where would it fit if you’d tell that other girl that you are in a relationship and she’d just say: “I don’t care” and still have sex with you? What would that be then?

Is it immoral/unethical to cheat on someone? Of course. Would I do that? No, because I think cheating on someone is a really crappy thing to do. But is it rape? No. If the sex with that other girl outside of the existing relationship was consensual, the fact that you already have a girlfriend (and that you’ve concealed that fact from her), doesn’t equal to rape on any level. If this other girl gets pregnant, again, if the sex was consensual, that’s your own problem to deal with, because it sure will complicate things, but still ISN’T rape.

Jesus, 3rd wave feminists, stop teaching young women this nonsense. Teach them what rape or any other real sexual assault really is and how to prevent or deal with it so that real offenders get locked up for long time. Also please teach them what “rape by deception” really is, because some apparently don’t understand it at all. Having a consensual sex while cheating on someone is NOT rape.

2 thoughts on “Cheating is NOT rape!

  1. That’s a point where you stretch the term “rape” to cover everything. And that’s just absolute nonsense and it’s trivializing what rape actually means. It’s what regressive left is doing with such enthusiasm recently. That’s why “cheating” and “rape” are two separate terms.Cheating on someone is just that, cheating. There are many other specific legal terms to cover that and rape isn’t one of them.


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