Vuze Leap, when uTorrent just feels too fat

leap-hpI used to be a huge fan of uTorrent until “recently” when it became anything but micro. It’s a fat program now with silly installer, tons of features you don’t really need and it just started to annoy me with everything. I loved uTorrent because it was super tiny, low on resources and simple.

But like so many things in life, I had to ditch it and find a replacement. For a while I was just running Download Manager on my ASUS router. It’s as basic as it can get and it works.

But today I found something in between, something that feels like uTorrent felt in its early days. It’s called Vuze Leap. A lite version of Vuze Bittorrent P2P client. They stripped all the advanced features from it and literally left a very basic search engine, download panel and playback panel along with super basic settings that only allow to set download folder, transfer speeds and few other tiny features and that’s it. Sure it could have few extra thingies, but if I’m honest, there is no need for them, they’ll just bloat it as soon as they start adding stuff. I love it how basic it is and it should stay this way. Don’t ruin this one like they ruined uTorrent!

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