Short Game Review: Among The Sleep


This was one of the biggest gaming surprises of all times. Granted, it has its share of problems, but those things aside, it’s one of the most memorable things I’ve experienced. A game revolving around an infant protagonist with gameplay similar to Alien:Isolation, presented with Unreal Engine. Imagine Alien:Isolation where Amanda Ripley is replaced by an infant, alien by a creepy scary shadowy creature and the space station with a regular average family home. That’s what Among The Sleep is. And it was actually released BEFORE Alien:Isolation. Have guys behind Alien game got inspiration from Among The Sleep game? They look surprisingly similar in a way… Game looks and feels absolutely amazing. The attention to details is just mind-blowing. The house actually felt like a real thing. The sounds, noises, even the music background creates this amazing atmosphere. And the way how you can interact with environment and objects adds extra level of immersion. Not much is really happening, but that is really the most terrifying part. That lack of things happening makes it even more scary since you don’t know what will happen around the corner and trust me, things do happen. I’m just not gonna tell you when hihi, so be afraid, be very afraid the entire time XD.

The only real downside of this game is that it becomes a bit repetitive after a while and is a bit short for the price. Sure they gave us free DLC, but it’s still a very short game for which it’s a bit hard to justify the full price. But this unique scary experience from the perspective of an infant roaming through a scary empty house makes you want to support the developers. Just because they were bold and did something no one else even dared to think about, let alone actually make a game using that idea.

Do whatever you want, get it for full price or when there is a maximum discount, just make sure you check it out. I can assure you it will blow your mind in its own special way.  Very short, but sweet is how I’d describe it.

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