Twitter Blocking feature is dumb as brick

I’ve just noticed something utterly moronic about Blocking in Twitter. If someone blocks you, you cannot block them back, because you cannot access their profile anymore. What does this mean?

This means that if you for whatever reason don’t want the person who is blocking you to see your tweets anymore, you simply can’t do that (unless you initiate the block first). However, they can still see your tweets if they wants so. They just have to click a button “I still want to see the tweets” and voila, they can browse your timeline.

Now, I know you can simply logout and view someone’s timeline that way, but why not complicate their sorry lives if I can. But dumb Twitter doesn’t even give me that option. How dumb is that? Or am I missing something here? The way I tested it, Twitter behaves exactly like that. Googling around only yields stupid FAQ from Twitter which doesn’t explain why I can’t block that person back and make them unable to read my timeline at all.

Can someone enlighten me on this one if there is an undocumented workaround that I haven’t found yet?


Ok, haha XD Now, that was a massive self pwn. I don’t know how, but for some really weird reason, I was unable to find that gear button before, but 10 seconds after I’ve posted this blog post, there it was. Just one of those “how the F” moments I guess…

3 thoughts on “Twitter Blocking feature is dumb as brick

  1. That’s a one way block, I read “Blocking users on Twitter” after your post and found no useful thing, at Facebook I succeeded to block a user who blocked me before.


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