Vet Ranch – Helping animals

If you’re an animal lover like I am, I’d like to direct you to a Youtuber who’s running two channels, first one is Demolition Ranch a channel that will satisfy all your redneck destruction urges and the second one which focuses on saving animals…

It’s called Vet Ranch. Matt is also veterinarian and he is helping hurt, neglected and abused animals to recover and get new owners who will take good care of them afterwards.

It’s such a joy seeing all those animals running around all happy after guys at Vet Ranch take care of them. If you love animals as well, make sure to support him and his clinic with donations and if you can’t support them financially directly, make sure to spread the word by watching and promoting his channel and donation webpage. Someone else might be able to support them directly with donations and if you’re doing just that, it’s as good as actually donating. So don’t be afraid to spread the word and help him do his great work.

You can donate to Vet Ranch here:

Vet Ranch Youtube Channel:

Vet ranch Facebook page:


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