What is the Anti-GamerGate’s mission?

I’ve been hanging around GamerGate community, standing with the minorities and defending games together with them, side by side. But few days ago, I asked myself, what exactly is our opposition even fighting for? We are just deflecting silly allegations and stupid baseless stuff being thrown at us by the single radical users, but what is their real main goal as a group/community?

Here is my personal view on how I see the whole conflict, at least from my GamerGater/gamer/game developer perspective. Italic parts further describe my thoughts on that matter…

GamerGate mission briefing:

– Get rid of corrupt journalists and destroy their networks of friendship ties that affect the gaming industry in a negative way. After all, primary goal of ALL factual journalists should be objectivity.
If you’re wondering if your hard-earned 40-60 € ($45-65) for a game will be a well spent money, you want and demand objectivity. This is corruption and I’ve been aware of it since the late 90’s. But internet was a rarity back then and something like GamerGate could never actually happen without it. That’s why GamerGate does exist today and not already 15+ years ago. Gamers demanding ethical journalism certainly makes sense to me. Everyone should demand that, even outside gaming industry.

– Defend games, developers and other gamers, particularly those in minorities and encourage more of them to join in, portraying gaming community and gaming culture in a realistic way (which is positive and not a negative like general media has been portraying us for the last several years and decades).
The diversity of the gamers is massive and there are tons of different games to choose from. Saying there aren’t enough different kinds of them is a big fat lie. Also demanding everyone to change just because YOU don’t like something is just straight silly.

– All this has to be achieved through evidence, valid statistics and logic as much as possible.
There are emotions involved, we are humans after all, but every argument has to stand on a solid foundations of evidence. Saying “just because” simply doesn’t cut it for us GamerGate crowd. As much as this should apply to our opposition, it also has to apply to us as well. And it’s something we strive for.

Large if not massive majority of us do it absolutely free of charge, because this is my hobby, my passion and I don’t want to see it get all ruined. I don’t have any financial gain what so ever. No donations, no Patreon, no ads, no sponsors, nothing. Some have their Patreons, I’m aware of that, but nothing on levels of cash hoarding of Anita Sarkeesian or Brianna Wu. The largest fundraisers that were made for GamerGate were in fact donations for good causes and not a profit of a single person.

Anti-GamerGater mission briefing (my view on it as gamer and  GamerGater):

– Ignoring us with the stupid autoblocker (how is that suppose to solve things, I don’t know).
Guilt by association is the most illogical thing I’ve ever seen. If I listen to Sargon of Akkad or other prominent GamerGaters, that doesn’t mean I absolutely agree with them on everything. I do have my own mind and I know how to Google and verify things. I just need them to be presented to me so I at least know where to begin. And these people are really good at digging and presenting factual data, that’s why we like to listen to their opinions. I’ve been in arguments with Anti-GamerGaters and I’ve silenced them with facts, not the BLOCK button (which I haven’t used at all so far). Why don’t more Anti-GamerGaters do this instead of generic autoblocking?

– Fabricating “facts”, statistics, twisting data to fit their needs and using pseudo-science to make some sort of point. And when they can’t prove something, they either block you or start covering up evidences of their fuckups (again, internet never forgets, people should have this burned into their foreheads by now).
Majority of arguments that I had and have seen, ended up with “fuck you” or other insult from the anti-GamerGate/feminists side and then a block. All this is very counter productive. Yes? And yeah, even GamerGaters fuck up their arguments, but I frankly haven’t seen any so obviously bad as the ones from the other side...

– Portraying ALL gamers as misogynist straight white male rapists and deliberately ignoring everyone who don’t fall into this group, because they aren’t fueling their narrative (just check the #NotYourShield hashtag and see the actual diversity of gamers).
I’m just not really sure what that narrative is exactly, to be honest, which is partially the reason for this “open letter”.

– Deliberately ignoring all the things said by actual women in the gaming industry and they also ignore everything proper feminists say on this matter.
I mean, why would women and other minorities lie about their experience as developers and gamers in this very moment, when they could benefit the most from spilling out their frustrations (if there really were/are any)? All I can see is these very same women and minorities standing on the GamerGate’s side, defending it…

– Profit. The loudest Anti-GamerGaters run their donations, Patreons and kickstarters/fundraisers like mad. And every time they scream harassment, they point people to these funding sources.
Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian, right? The biggest “victims” with the largest wallets at the moment. I’m just surprised no one from the Anti-GamerGate camp questions their motives and the funds involved… I know I would if I were on their side. I frankly wouldn’t even mind any of them having financial gain if it was done through facts and honesty. But it has been proven countless times that they twist reality so badly it almost seems like parody in the end, just to get attention and therefore a steady stream of income. Think about it for a bit…

What is the real Anti-GamerGater mission briefing?


So, there it is. I’d really like to hear what exactly are people in Anti-GamerGate community even standing for? What do they actually want to achieve as a larger group?

Because I’m confused by their behavior which just doesn’t line up with what they are supposedly trying to “defend”. I’m genuinely interested in hearing what is their goal. Throwing insults back and forth won’t solve anything and we could go on like this for months and months. Gamers have the stamina for that, you can trust me on that because we never give up, but I’m frankly tired already of not meeting some proper common ground in this worldwide internet conflict.

My blog is fully open and doesn’t require registration, but I kindly request that you write below in a civilized manner. I will not delete or censor opinions that might be different from my own, but I will not tolerate insults, pointless single liners and other crap which will get sanctioned swiftly. This goes for both sides, GG and anti-GG.

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “What is the Anti-GamerGate’s mission?

  1. This is gonna be long, sorry 🙂
    [Full Disclaimer: I regularly call myself a “bad consumer”; I don’t really pay attention to advertising, or the opinions of people who may be profiting from those opinions.]

    Howdy! In the beginning, I was firmly pro-gamergate. The longer it’s gone on, the more firmly I find myself on the fence. For me, it all comes down to personal opinion.

    When it first became clear that certain “journalists” (quotes because as far as I know there aren’t a lot of degrees to be found, but I don’t want to upset anyone by dismissing them as bloggers) were interested in pushing certain political and ideological agendas, I was highly opposed to it. As time went on, and more and more things came to light, it’s obvious that the “journalists” intended these sites/organizations to be this way from the very beginning.

    In my opinion, that’s where the whole thing should have ended. I already didn’t like politicized opinions being taken into consideration as far as reviews go, and the whole “Gamers are Dead” debacle (which proved, to me, beyond the shadow of a doubt that there was collusion behind the scenes) kind of drove home the point that these sites weren’t for me. Just because they’re not FOR ME doesn’t mean that they should be ruined financially or driven out of the industry.

    As for anti-gamergate as a whole…this is going to sound uncharitable (but in all honesty it applies to both sides), people are sheep. For a few of the more vocal, controversy dependent members of the anti side, I believe it definitely does come down to money. For the rest, I like to believe most of them THINK they’re “fighting the good fight.” Ideology is a sticky wicket. “It’s okay when we do it” seems to apply to both sides.

    3rd party trolls haven’t helped either side in the slightest. Some people from other online skirmishes, both pro and anti “SJW”, happily join in and fan the flames. But, just about everyone is some type of gamer.

    The world, and the internet, are big places, and there’s more than enough room for everybody. Support things you like, don’t support things you don’t like.

    Sorry for writing a book. 🙂

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    1. Don’t be sorry for making it long, I appreciate your opinion.

      Though, that part about journalism itself, I don’t think that’s the case here. I’m saying that from experience of being a quite long time subscriber of a gaming magazine that was operating in an interesting way (and they still exist). It’s a local magazine and their primary writing style is full of jokes surrounding games, gamers, their internal geek jokes, there was hardly ever a serious text published in their magazine. They created this whole satirical parody world of their own. But when it came to numbers in hardware reviews and a matter of objectively reviewing games so that actual consumers benefit from them, they’ve always done it in a very serious way. I mean, the text was still loaded with hilarious stuff and jokes, but they always pointed out things the way they were. If the game was great, they praised it, but if it sucked, they crapped all over it. And in 10 years I was their subscriber, I don’t think I often disagreed with their opinions. Because they were quite spot on. After all, it’s a local privately held company and not a big thing like PC Gamer (which was also their rival years ago) and similar, so they didn’t really have any ties with big gaming companies and advertisers. They just did their job unbiased of the big gaming machinery on the other side.

      They can joke around all they want and be all satirical, but when it comes to stuff that is the core element of any journalism, to be factually informative, at that point you can’t just do the same shit and make fun of everything. And I especially resented their behavior when general media attacked (and still is attacking) gaming and gamers. We’ve been taking the shit through years and years of connections between horrible violent games and all the shit in the world and I frankly don’t ever remember them openly and loudly defending the industry and its users. They aren’t even helping to take away the stigma of gamers equals evil. Like I said before somewhere, we don’t expect them to lie in order to defend gaming and gamers, but c’mon, chuck in a good word when it’s appropriate. Instead, they’ve decided to piss on us. Well thx for that then.

      If Polygon, Gamasutra and Kotaku are suppose to be satirical, then they are doing it wrong. Seriously wrong. The above mentioned local magazine was doing it with a great heart and passion. They were acting like dorks most of the time, but that was their style on the outside. On the inside, they still held certain integrity and objectivity and even though I’ve unsubscribed from them years ago, I still hold a great respect for their work and especially their insanely hilarious writing and also drawing style, because they were the only ones who managed to pull it of properly.

      The closest thing I could imagine are The Escapist’s Zero Punctuation videos made by Yahtzee, that are satirical and loaded with jokes, but at the end of the video, you actually learn tons of stuff about the games being “reviewed”. And I too greatly respect his work. But I certainly didn’t like it at all when Ben Kuchera, Jason Schreier,Leigh Alexander and others from the “annoying trinity” were throwing at us some really shitty remarks. That’s when satire crosses the line. And if you don’t know how not to cross it, then stick with regular serious writing style. You just have to know your ethical and moral boundaries…

      I’m not happy either to see them getting closed down, after all, people who aren’t douchebags also work there, but sometimes this just has to be the necessary evil. I’m sure good writers will find new jobs in other journalist houses rather easily. And even if those bad writers find a job at other journos, they’ll have to adapt to the new “ethical” style and not do their own shit as they please. So that’s good yet again. Which means win win for everyone at the end of the day. And if you can’t handle that, then maybe this isn’t the right job for you. That’s how I see it.

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      1. I don’t think they’re meant to be satirical at all. I think that there was a (for lack of a better word) cabal of people who specifically set out to inject their own leanings and opinions into the media; and after years of doing this “under the radar,” a catalyst revealed it to indeed be the case. Rather than behaving rationally and saying, for instance, “You caught us, this is how we roll, if you don’t like it go elsewhere,” they attempted to push back by smearing a LARGE part of their fanbase. That blew up in their faces, and it’s been one big game of “cover your ass” for them ever since.

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