How To Attract Women

This has to be the most hilarious stuff I’ve read in a while 😀

See, there's this thing called biology...

batman1. Learn to fly. Superman can fly. Batman and Spiderman have improvised but they can fly, too. Edward the vampire in Twilight can fly. Rocket man can fly.  Learn how to fly. Flying is important to women.

2. Be tall. Be precisely 2.2 inches taller. This is absolutely critical. I realize this can be challenging because women come in all different sizes and height is not something one can control on a whim. Fortunately women are easily deceived, so you can always arrive on a horse. Or find a dangerous profession like climbing telephone polls. The point is, we need to be able to look up to see you. If you can fly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

superman3. Drive a cool car. This is actually not completely true. You can also ride a horse. Or a motorcycle. Riding a flying dragon would be even better. If you can actually…

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