I’m working on a new game…

Ok, after few days of brainstorming how to actually do it, I’ve decided to redesign the game that I’ve made 14 years ago. Its core story was published in a physical paper local computer magazine called “Joker” by a writer “Quattro” at that time. A World War II inspired, text-based adventure game where you could pick different paths and navigate through the numbered segments depending on your actions. It was really cool and then I’ve digitized it into a digital form using Klik & Play game development tool. It used Comic Sans font for text (horror I know), green/yellow gradient background and it looked rather horrible from a visual perspective. But the text was there and instead of finding the right segment depending on the action, the game did that for you. You just had to click the right action. And it felt really good, since it became an actual game.

And here I am, 14 years later, translating it into English, modifying the storytelling part and planning to deliver slightly extended experience along with full hand drawn scenes.

I have to prepare all the texts, prepare the storyline sequence, decide how to integrate selection of options for which I’m hoping to sort of make a blend of text-based game and point and click adventure. Just to spice it up a bit. And then the biggest and most time consuming part, to draw all the scenes in context to the story. I don’t have a drawing tablet, so I was thinking of either doing it on a good old paper, scan it and do the post processing using image editing tools or use my Windows tablet and try to draw using a touch pen. I’ve already tested it and while I’m still a bit clumsy, I got some pretty decent results.

Still not sure about it, but I’ll certainly try something I’ve never tried before.

Oh and it’ll be a free game 🙂 It’s not that long so charging for it would be a bit silly (and in conflict with the original author). But as a concept it’s a really cool old school adventure and I hope you guys will like it when it’ll be released. Still a long way there 🙂

I’ll keep you posted as the project continues…


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