Why We Must Take Action – Rant on Modern Feminism by Mercedes Carrera

There is not a single point I disagree on with her. That’s how things stand in the modern feminism era, this very moment we are living in. Some fictional threats made on stupid social networks by bored kids are of higher priority than actual rape victims. Feminists will support you, but only if you’re the right kind of woman. Well that’s really nice of you… If you aren’t the right kind of woman, you get ignored and dismissed as nobody important, And I have a great suspicion it’s this way because of Cytherea’s career as a porn actress. She’s a woman and a human being for Christ sake, she deserves to be treated like one regardless of her work. Cytherea’s assault wasn’t even covered by any general media outlet. Just Google it. Like it didn’t even happen. And on the other side, you have all these professional victims claiming how terrified they are over some fucking tweets and unverifiable rapes that most likely never really happened, with tons of media coverage on TV, internet, newspapers etc. Like Mercedes said, wake the fuck up!

And while it’s horrible to get raped randomly somewhere outside of your house, imagine how horrible it must be, if it happens in your very own home. When even your own place which you think is a safe haven, gets violated. And not just that, there were kids and husband who could just helplessly observe the whole thing. Imagine how traumatizing that has to be for the entire family. There just aren’t words that can properly describe these despicable acts and the trauma they had to go through.

While Mercedes’s main focus was on feminism and Cytherea in the above video, it also brings in the GamerGate to some extent as she went to rant about it, because the very same general media that refused to cover Cytherea’s assault has derailed the entire GamerGate movement into the whole “gamers are sexist, misogynistic rapists” nonsense, glorifying these “social network victims” and ignoring actual real victims. Sure I don’t support harassment over the internet, but for fucks sake, stop blowing it out of proportions. If you can just block that annoying person, how is that a horrible traumatic event? Cytherea had no BLOCK button when those psychopaths attacked her in her own home. A very different cases aren’t they?

And what was the most heart touching (along with Mercedes’s speech) was the way how GamerGate community responded.There was an already ongoing fundraiser made by Joclyn Stone (you can still donate till end of March 2015) for Cytherea, so not a GamerGate initiated fundraiser. Mercedes Carrera (as a GamerGater) raised a voice within GamerGate community saying: “Hey guys, here is my comrade worker from the porn industry who got sexually assaulted in her home, would you guys help me get her back on her feet?”

The response from GamerGate community was incredible. I think it was under 24 hours, when the fundraiser was successfully funded and is still going strong. And the most vocal anti-GamerGate, pro-women feminist opposition that supposedly helps women just went to full radio silence and did NOTHING. I know this will sound like we are trying to take advantage of Cytherea’s horrible event to boost GamerGate voice, but the general media only prefers to make sensational news on negative accusations being thrown at GamerGate and gamers, but they conveniently forget to mention that this very same group of “misogynists” helped a real rape victim. FOR REAL. Among tons of other amazing fundraisers to help women and people in need.

We aren’t the bad guys, we are just gamers and a bunch of people who on contrary to general belief actually care about women and fellow human beings WAY more than media wants you to believe. GamerGate is still primarily a movement for ethics in gaming journalism, but since general media has mixed feminism and all the other nonsense into it, it is what it is now. I just have a strong feeling GamerGate will have to extend into ethics within general media journalism as well, because just like gaming journalism, it too seriously lacks ethics and moral values…

I know I just duplicated quite some points that were already made by Mercedes, but I just felt like I had to pour my thoughts onto “paper” using my own words. I also wish Cytherea and her family all the best and I hope she’ll get well after this horrible experience.

5 thoughts on “Why We Must Take Action – Rant on Modern Feminism by Mercedes Carrera

    1. Not obsessed, it’s the (unfortunate) reality. It’s bad enough with opposition at least a bit holding them back, if we’d just let these lunatics run the show it would be million times worse… My primary focus at first were games, but they infest everything…


      1. It’s a neverending dilemma between ignoring them, letting them spread their lunacy and criticizing them for it. I admit I might have drifted a bit more to the criticizing part lately, but normal operation will be restored when they back down enough for them to become a non issue again. I don’t mind discusions and new ideas to improve potential gender issues in gaming and in general, but what they are doing currently is so wrong on so many levels I just can’t be quiet about it. Being quiet just wouldn’t be me.


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