A woman to admire and look up to

As a part of GamerGate community, I’ve just learned an amazing piece of information that I’d otherwise miss. It’s about an amazing woman who is actually called that way. Amazing Grace or Grace M. Hopper. She was an US Navy Rear admiral and one of the most prominent women in the computer tech field. Just looking at the list of her achievements, awards and other accolades gives me the chills. She was bloody amazing indeed! They even named a navy vessel and a super computer after her! The list simply makes me speechless.

Only shameful thing is that not enough people know about her and women like her in general. Mainstream media should stop paying attention to attention whores on the internet and educate people more about women who actually achieved more than some of us men will (n)ever achieve in our entire lifetime. And the fact that I had to learn about lady Grace through the “hate mob” of the GamerGate instead of mainstream media is an indication of how messed up things really are in the media…

On the left is an example of a role model everyone should look up to and on the right, is someone who should be ignored unless they change their (over)privileged attitude… Celebrate successful women and don’t fear-monger young women with idiotic ideas that they can’t achieve anything just because they are women.


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