Feminists without imagination or how female Thor was born…

I don’t really read comics and I’m not a particular fan of movies that are based on comics, but I watch them. Ironman was quite good and I liked it. Anyway, the point being here is how radical feminists have yet again made exactly what gamers are currently fighting against through GamerGate. There is nothing wrong by making critiques or giving recommendations on how to extend the content of certain media (be it comics, movies or games), but this here is kinda proof of what companies do in advance out of fear for being marked as “misogynistic”.

Thor, the God of thunder and war from the Norse mythology had to go on a gender surgery and became a woman. I frankly don’t have anything against transgender people and neither I have anything against heroines, but this is straight up silly. And the main question is, WHY they’ve even done that!?

Why convert a hero/God that has always been male into a female? Sure it’s all fiction and it shouldn’t matter, but as an admirer of worldwide mythology, I find it rushed and like something only feminists would do with their constant pushing of weird ideas and fear mongering of companies to do their will or else!

Why change a gender of an existing super hero/God instead of simply making a new one with its own universe? You don’t even have to look far to find two prominent Goddess in the Norse mythology itself, Freyja and Valkyrie. While Freyja might not have the most intimidating name, Valkyrie certainly does.

And here’s the shocker, Marvel ALREADY has heroes with such name under their roof. It’s Valkyrie, goddess of war and death. So, why not alter, transform or update that character for a 2015 reboot instead of entirely mutilating the existing Thor? Seriously, I just don’t get it.

In that case, I demand Catman. A male replacement for Catwoman. And I want Black Widow to become Widowmaker. A male superhero with exactly the same powers, just male. I think I’ve just proven how silly the whole idea is…

They could just as well make a new parallel “Thor” universe with Thorine, a Norse version of a Thor (and even the name actually exists in the Norse world). And they could even make a spinoff with both joining in to fight the bad guys together like all the super heroes did in The Avengers. And it took me freaking 5 minutes to thought out all of this. Marvel has people with highly paid jobs to do just that day after day. Surely they could think of something more original than just redesigning an existing hero. That’s why I highly suspect radical feminists are behind it, Marvel would have thought of something better than this…

That’s also a reason why I don’t want them fiddling with games that I play. They don’t have any imagination and they will just ruin everything… They aren’t just making critiques, they are forcibly changing things and we all know how that went through the history. Not well for the ones enforcing the radical changes…


One thought on “Feminists without imagination or how female Thor was born…

  1. A female Thor, is that not the most ridiculous thing ever?

    I think that’s a good point about fems lacking imagination. A while back I was talking with some fem gamers who were talking about the horror of male dominated video games, so I said, well, let’s make a game of our own! Here we had all these fem artists, authors, and programmers and all the talent we needed. So they promptly banned me, LOL. Seriously, they thought that was the most ridiculous idea ever and promoted patriarchy, denied the problem, etc, etc. My bad, I just thought it would be fun. Or I guess…. we could just give Thor a sex change?? Really?? 🙂

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