Why is gaming journalism not defending gaming industry?

This one was tangling my brain curves for quite a while and I’ve expressed my concerns on few websites about it, but I just feel like I have to cover it properly.

The thing that’s absolutely strange is that gaming journalism is totally and entirely disconnected from the very industry they are supposedly covering. And I just can’t get to understand why…

When general media criticized games for being the main cause for school shootings, gaming journalism was pretty much silent. When Jack Thompson started attacking violent games as the source of all crimes in this world, they were yet again sitting on their asses, doing absolutely nothing. Today, feminists are attacking games because they supposedly induce violence, sexism, misogyny, patriarchy and god knows what else into the gamers. And what gaming journalism does? They don’t just go passive, trying to distance themselves from the conflict, they even stand alongside the accusers and they piss, shit and spit on games, gamers, game developers, publishers etc.

Now, isn’t this absolutely absurd behavior, only observable in the gaming industry? Everywhere else, in other industries, journalists actually research things and report them back to general public to show what they and their industry is operating in a brighter, more positive way than what they are being accused of. I’m not saying gaming journalism should make things up and lie just to defend gaming industry for any cost, but when someone like feminists attacks games for causing misogyny and sexism, gamers somehow expect from journalists to cover this and research it. And show that accusations are baseless and that actual academic research shows different picture than the claims of the accusers. And yet, they do nothing like that. In fact they are doing the exact opposite. Why the hell are they doing that?

Call my logic flawed, but isn’t that like cutting a branch you’re just sitting on? If you’re a gaming journalist, games, gamers, game developers, publishers and all the game related stuff is what brings you your daily bread, so to speak. Why on Earth would you go and actually attack it? It’s idiotic. But they are apparently so short-sighted that they don’t even realize it.

And what baffles me even further is how supposedly gaming journalist establishments like Gamasutra, Polygon and Kotaku still have and support article writers who spread bigotry, hate and misinformation, all in the name of “gaming journalism”. Everywhere else, if public figures behave in such unethical ways, they get fired pretty much on the spot. Even if they only do it in their private lives. But here, they openly support such behavior and they even defend it regularly on social media. It just shows how people there either don’t care at all or the whole establishments are rotten from the core itself. And to make things worse, people take such “journalism” establishments seriously. That’s by far the worst part. Whatever nonsense they spew out, people take it as a truth. That is really painful to watch. And the fact how ignorant defensive they behave when you call them on it, I have no doubts now why #GamerGate got established.

It really is the time to do a gaming journalism cleanup and remove all the weed and garbage and give actual game journalists who care about the gaming industry chance to thrive and become successful. We don’t need idiots who pretend to be supporters of gaming, just so they back stab us on the first opportunity that gives them personal benefits.

Is it really so hard to just be honest and passionate about gaming and its industry? If you’re a gaming journalist, defend it when it needs support and criticize it when it’s doing things wrong. Is it really too much to ask for?


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