For the love of all that’s holy, stop demonizing gamers

I think you’ve already guessed it where this one is going. It’s about the Law & Order Special Victims Unit TV series, particularly episode 14 (Season 16) titled “Intimidation Game”. Series that I’ve loved to watch as a kid and I still love to watch similar ones today. I’ve always loved series like Cold Case, CSI, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Hawaii Five-0 etc. Stuff that always leads a group of detectives to the criminals through tiny clues and pieces of evidence.

I’m well aware that all these TV series are fictional, but they do take majority of stuff from real events and then they twist them to do the show. It’s understandable and I don’t mind it at all. What concerns me more is the mentality of the TV viewers who tend to take fiction as a proof of something in reality way too often. And now they’ll be here, watching Law & Order and saying: “Aaaaha! See this, that’s what gamers do, they are all crazy rapists who hate women!”. I can separate fiction and reality perfectly fine, thank you very much, but majority is not so blessed with the common sense. Particularly those who never played any games beyond Solitaire during their work time and especially when it comes to games, gaming and gamers in general. And I can tell you from first hand experience and not from she said, he said scenarios.

But after watching the “Intimidation Game” episode, I couldn’t feel anything other than gut churning sensation with immense need of bursting into laughter. And at the exact same time a great concern for the above reasons…

And the first were all these stereotypes gamers have to listen on and on their (our) entire lives and here they’ve served them all in under 45 minutes. It’s not enough that we get all of this from idiots who don’t understand or appreciate gaming culture, you have to further encourage them with shows like this, showing people how to make fun of us even more. Gee, thanks. It’s like pouring jet fuel on a fire…

From the intro where the guy is saying: “Oh well, that’s how boys are” when Olivia (Mariska’s character) is talking about how her kid intentionally broke some toys (I was a small boy once and I never ever broke anything intentionally, am I some sort of statistical error then?) to bullies at game conventions screaming at developer how they hate women in gaming (seriously, like who ever said we hate to see women in gaming industry?) to saying why don’t they just go play some basketball instead or something (same shit I’ve been listening to my entire life) to what it felt the corniest stereotype was when they busted into one of the suspects home, interrogating his mother with: “Does he play games!? Where, where does he play?” And after I thought: “Gee, now they’ll go to the basement” and 2 seconds later, we see them walking down the stairs in the basement. I was like, seriously guys? How more cheesy can you get?

I’m in a gamer and I’m on a freaking ground level place with a nice view outside on the garden with tiny cactus’ on the window shelf, I have plushies on a shelf in one corner of the room, my own hand drawn paintings on all the walls, a small flock of miniature sheep on my desk, Shaun the Sheep plushie sitting on top of my computer speakers, bunch of geeky gadgets all around me. Yeah, I’m a bit on the childish side, but guess what, I don’t give a flying fart. I’d rather be called childish (that’s what we get for being gamers anyway) than be associate with terrorists and psychopaths. That’s what gamers have, bunch of childish stuff, not dark basements with masks, terrorist logo shit flag on the wall and camera in front of it like some fucked up mad Islamists.

Those weren’t gamers, those were just highly mentally disturbed people who have as much with gaming as fresh fish have with coffee vending machine (absolutely none for those who don’t get it). And all this idiotic repeating of “gamers can’t separate fiction from reality”, “there is no reset in real life” and other nonsense is just reinforcing these toxic stereotypes. I thought I could take it as some sort of parody or comedy, but with the show’s otherwise typically serious attitude, I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t bring myself to a smile in a TV show where they regularly portray criminals as these horrible monsters who rape, murder, abuse and violate other human beings, and then they portray gamers in the same way. They were actually equating hardcore gamers with these women haters and rapists.Why can’t someone for once, just once, portray gamers and games in a positive way?

Why can’t you people stop demonizing them and constantly portraying gamers as these mentally ill monsters who can’t separate their virtual worlds from reality and who are like these walking time bombs, just waiting to explode? Why do gamers always have to be blamed for all the school shootings, all the misogyny, all the hate in this world just because we happen to play “violent” games. Like seriously, this shit is pissing me off so badly. It’s this constant negativity towards games and gamers that still keeps this horrible stigma over all gamers even after all these decades. Why? Seriously, why? What have we done to you people to deserve all this? Stop spreading this gamerphobia already!


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