Online death threats are all bullshit

I’m sick and tired of people constantly crying how they are being harassed online with death threats, rape threats, violence threats etc. Brianna Wu, Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, all the professional victim drama queens. The lot.

What do you need to post a fictional death threat? You need internet connection, a made up account made with free e-mail, too much free time on the hands and a fucked up mind. Basically you need to be the most common species of troll.

But in all seriousness, are there any statistics that show how many of these online death (or any kind of violence) threats actually get done for real? I looked it up and couldn’t find ANYTHING. I’ve never heard of anyone getting violent threats online and then be actually done to that person. Not in the written news, not in online videos, not on TV, nowhere. Even Google is suspiciously silent about it. I’m not going to make definitive conclusions since data is obviously missing, but I’d say less than 0,1% of them actually ever become anything actually harmful in a physical way.

Besides, when you think of it, how many people announce their attempt to harm someone in advance? That’s like calling police station and letting them know you’ll rob a very specific bank in 30 minutes. It would just make NO sense what so ever. If anyone is there to harm you, he or she will do it when you’ll expect it the least. The rest are just troll comments by someone who has too much free time.

If you get a death threat and you do feel like it might be legit, if the person on the other end actually knows too much real world details, report it to the police. But if you just get “Die you stupid cunt”, then just ignore it. Nothing will happen. People (men and women) get tons of death threats if they are public figures. It’s almost like a normal thing and like I said, pretty much ALL of them are just troll comments done by idiots. Just ignore them entirely. Stop making drama like you’re the only one getting these threats.

I’d appreciate if anyone can get any official statistics from government or other agencies like FBI, CIA or whatever. I just couldn’t find any, but until then, the conclusion is pretty definitive. Online death threats are all bullshit.


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