Misogyny in real life (Part Two)

You can read my Misogyny in games (Part One) here. This time a bit different and hopefully with more input from the outside world. Hopefully.

I’ve covered the virtual part, I’m now moving into the physical realm of actual living humans. I’ve watched few videos on this topic, mostly from Anita Sarkeesian who’s a misogyny drama queen. I don’t think there is any human being, who has used word “misogyny” as many times as she did. In a single video or all combined. You know, when some word is used so much that it gets embedded into your mind. Like those silly but catchy songs. You hate them, but they keep on rolling in your head. And same is with word “misogyny”. And while I can just dismiss those silly songs, constant induction of guilt through repetition of this word being said to me as a description of who I (supposedly) am because I play games.

In fact, they are pushing this narrative so far to induce this guilt into every man, regardless if they are gamers or not. And that’s really just a very low and disgusting fear mongering scare tactic. To make you feel guilty even if you know that you are treating everyone around you as good as possible.

So, where is this misogyny? Who is doing it and why can’t I notice it? And don’t tell me I don’t see it because of my gender which is male. I mean, when there is something this horrible and obvious happening, one would happen to notice it, wouldn’t he? I might be a man, but I’m not blind and I’m still able to make critical thinking. Otherwise I wouldn’t be an atheist, right? Because from the word itself (yeah, I’m not all-knowing and I had to look into dictionaries for meaning of “misogyny” because I never ever came across it before), it sounds like something systematic, something done on a daily basis and something done on a large-scale to large groups of people. In this case, in a large-scale to women. Where do these social justice warriors see these examples here in western world?

Wherever I look, I see nothing but respect to women. I live in a rather conservative country in Europe and even here, women are highly respected and really not treated any different from men. Not exactly something you’d expect from conservatives who usually tend to follow “old ways” in which women are stereotypically placed in a kitchen with a task to raise kids. In fact I find word “misogyny” entirely incompatible with social standards, at least in my country. You cannot hate someone, dislike them, mistrust them and have prejudice against them and be their good friends, boyfriends, husbands or just life partners at the same time. It just can’t function. Because that’s what I see all around me, everywhere. It just makes no sense at all. From my observation, no one hates, dislikes, mistrust women or have prejudice against them in general just because they are women. People tend to acquire those opinions based on actions done by individuals. And it really goes both ways. If men is behaving like a dick and he’s caught lying, somehow, people tend to dislike him, start to mistrust him and simply have prejudice against him for what he has done or how he behaves. And if woman happens to do any of that, what kind of reaction you’d expect? You get a definition of misogyny from the dictionary. But no one applies it as a general rule, to all women. Why the hell you’d even do that unless if you’re seriously mentally challenged? I see absolutely no reason to hate or mistrust women by default. They’ve done nothing negative to me, so I see no reason to treat them that way. And I’m not the only one to have such opinion. Unless if they change my thinking with their behavior and actions. That’s not misogyny, that’s how our society and human to human interactions work. Trust is earned and when you lose it, people tend to hate you, dislike you and they simply behave and react to you differently.

So, ladies, if any of you are reading my blog (I know there are few female readers), please tell me your opinion on this matter. Do you feel you’re affected by “misogyny”? If yes, where and how exactly? If no, why do you feel that way? And if it’s not a secret, in what country are you living? Men are also welcome to comment of course. I’d love to talk around real world examples with the “oppressed” side to see if this is really a social issue or just a load of vapor…

I might even write a “Part Three” if the input will be big enough.


2 thoughts on “Misogyny in real life (Part Two)

  1. I do not see much in the way of misogyny. I actually have a theory that men cannot really be misogynists. That completely violates basic biology. Men are simply drawn to women and they are compelled to be somewhat protective. You do not seek what you hate.

    Now of course there are some complete psychos, assorted yahoos, and possibly a handful of men so broken and wounded, they’ve convinced themselves they hate women, but in general, no, misogyny in men is not even possible.

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    1. That’s what I thought initially as well. Our natural drive pushes us to bond with the opposite gender and you can’t really achieve that if you’re hating that gender somehow. I mean, it’s just counter productive. So, how can there be misogyny and this bonding at the same time. That would be like trying to mix oil and water. Like I and also you said, there are lunatics, on both sides in fact, but there are still way more good boys and girls than these lunatics who are total bastards to one another.

      But some just keep on pushing this fictional idea that only men can be scumbags while women can’t ever be like that. Which stage is the “Denial”? Yeah, that…

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