Hypersensitive generation

I’m talking about hypersensitivity of the current generation. An extreme sensitivity to all this “harassment” and name calling online. The fact is, some people tend to be mean. I’ve experienced it first hand as a kid in real life and I still see it happening to other younger kids. And I don’t think it’ll ever change. It’s the way society works. But what really surprises me even more are all the current hypersensitive adults of ages 25+. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

It’s almost like they get offended by anything and everything. You make a really well placed argument. BLOCKED. They scream harassment for almost everything. Say something satirical or just something perfectly casual and they’ll manage to find that offensive somehow. What the hell people!? When we got online in the somewhat early days of the internet we were thought to grow a thick skin, ignore it or to simply move on (and I fall within the same 25+ group!). There were no real specific anti-harassment policies or advanced blocking features. It was what it was, a very direct experience. And we still “somehow” survived with no scars.

Today, all these crybabies are cushioned in bubble wraps so they don’t hurt themselves with the keyboard, protected with all the policies and even laws, tons of blocking features and yet they somehow struggle to exist online. And you even see anti-harassment task forces appearing on the horizon. Anti-harassment task force?! Holy shit, are you kidding me? Do you also hire a duo of security guards every time someone calls you an idiot online? Oh, yeah, some actually do that (right Ms Sarkeesian?). Do you isolate yourself from everything and go crying in the corner when someone shows you a middle finger? And you haven’t even witnessed the gem of them all. There was this woman who said that she got PSTD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) from online harassment. Jesus, how more sensitive can you get? Do these people also cry every time they see the sunset?

If participating online is such a difficult task in life, why not just…


Just sayin’…


One thought on “Hypersensitive generation

  1. Yes! Something that is different however, is the depth of nastyness online. People have turned into very brave keyboard warriors who hide out anonymously and say things they would never dream of saying to somebody IRL. Often those doing the cyber bullying themselves are the ones who squeal the loudest about every perceived slight from others.

    I noticed a real shift in people on the internet, perhaps about 10 years ago. It’s as if they suddenly felt as if they had permission to come completely unhinged. Women believe it or not are some of the worst. They will try to figure out who you are, report you to your employer, notify the authorities, all because they do not like your opinion on something.

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