Misogyny in games (Part One)

So, I’ve been hearing and reading about this trend of “misogynistic gamers” who just love to beat, rape, abuse and murder women in games. People even called me that way, solely for being a gamer who also plays games that include that within gameplay spectrum, without actually knowing my character or my stance on women and their treatment in real life. I’ve explained some of it my other articles and I’ve talked about it in Youtube comments, but here is a better defined, shorter version which explains how gamers aren’t misogynists at all, on any level or definition.


[mi-sojuh-nee, mahy-]


hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women.

Ok, so here is the official definition of the word. Pay particular attention to word “women”. Why, you may say? Because every time you beat, shoot, run over, abuse or otherwise mistreat “women” in games, you are in fact not really doing any of that to women. What you are doing is beating, shooting, running over and abusing bunch of polygons, textures and pixels. Not women. In fact you aren’t even shooting, beating, running them over or otherwise abusing them. Because those guns, fists and cars don’t exist either. They are also bunch of polygons, textures and pixels. Essentially, what you’re doing is manipulating pixels with bunch of other pixels.

These polygons, textures and pixels have no emotions, no feelings, they don’t feel the pain, they don’t experience fear, they don’t experience physical and mental trauma, they don’t get long-term mental issues because of the abuse. They are as inanimate as the rock in your backyard.

If we want to escalate things so far and call manipulation of polygons and pixels as “misogyny”, then you shouldn’t be allowed to throw a plush pup or teddy bear on the ground, because that would equal to an actual animal abuse and you would get charged for animal cruelty. Dropping a Barbie doll or any kind of doll that portrays woman body anatomy? Nope, can’t do that, because that would result in you becoming a misogynistic pig. Wait, you haven’t seen anyone reporting anyone to the police for misogyny by dropping female toy dolls on the floor? Not even being outraged over it? Annoyed even? Wait a second…

So why the hell are you extremists feminists running this crusade against gamers who shoot and run over non-existent things? If you want to accuse me of anything, you can freely accuse me of “pixogyny”. And I will never deny it.




hatred, dislike, or mistrust of pixels, or prejudice against pixels.

There you go, I’ve corrected that a bit to explain what gamers are actually committing within games. Feel free to call me or any of other gamers like that. We’ll always be happy to say: “Yes, we are guilty of that.” Because last time I’ve checked, pixogyny is not a crime of any sort and neither it is an unacceptable and/or abusive behavior. It doesn’t actually harm anyone (well, except pixels).

I know this will sound a bit ludicrous, silly and weird, but to my observation, inanimate, fictional characters in games are starting to get more “human” rights and media coverage than actual real human beings who are still actually being mistreated or abused in real life. Call me a moron, but can someone please divert all the manpower in hating treatment of women pixels in games and use it to protect and save actual human beings? The actual women who do have emotions, do feel the pain, do feel the fear and do have long-term trauma after abusive events. Those are the women (people) who actually require our attention, not god damn pixels. Stop wasting time and resources on things that don’t matter and use them for things that do.

If you think experiences from games somehow projects into the real life and reinforce abusive behavior, you’ll be able to read about that in my second part named “Misogyny in real life (Part Two)”, coming very soon…


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