Open Letter About #GamerGate To All Media:

Just spreading a word of a fellow female #GamerGater. Here is her open letter to all media…

Open Letter About #GamerGate To All Media:

Deciding how to start this letter was almost as challenging as trying to figure out how to get you to read it, but I am going to try.

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself, as a “member” of #GamerGate. I quote that, because we do not actually have members, just supporters of a movement we choose to be a part of. You, media, have chosen to label us as members. Every time you write about #GamerGate, you speak of the atrocities committed, either by the group as a whole, or by “members” of the group.

That is actually what I am writing to you about. I do not write this letter out of anger, or retaliation, but instead out of concern. You completely misrepresent what GG(#GamerGate) is actually about, and in the process, you do exactly that which we are…

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